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Girl Next Door by Sula
Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door is a scent achieved from two of Sula’s fragrances — Butterfly Kiss and Lily Lotus.  Both scents, as well as the layering pack,  are available from Ulta.

NOTES (Butterfly Kiss): freesia, heliotrope, and jasmine.

NOTES (Lily Lotus): water lily, lotus, freesia and a faint hint of mint.

Please note:  All grading is on Girl Next Door, which is Butterfly Kiss and Lily Lotus combined.

CLASSIFICATION: floral, fresh

AGE GROUP:  High School and up


FORM: Eau De Parfum

I was beyond excited when an Ulta store opened up in my neighborhood, and it was there that I happened upon the Sula fragrance line.  I was entranced by the scents and the multiple layering sets they had available, and I quickly made it a point to sample Butterfly Kiss.  I loved it immediately.  A fresh, modern, and light floral that was slightly sweet and very pleasant.  I almost bought Butterfly Kiss that day, but it was so close to Christmas, and I had a fit of temporary insanity — I actually told myself that I had enough perfume.  What?

My sanity returned, and I ended up buying not just Butterfly Kiss, but the layering set which also contains Lily Lotus, as well. I did note that although Ulta is possibly the only store on the planet that sells this fragrance line, and despite their thousands of perfume testers available, they only had Butterfly Kiss available to sample.  Lily Lotus was happily sealed in the box, with no tester in sight.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Lily Lotus isn’t horrible, but it’s a bit strong.  Worn alone, it is almost a bit on the masculine side… if you can picture a man wearing a perfume called Lily Lotus, that is.  The “slight hint of mint” can indeed be smelled from the nozzle, but rest easy — you will not pick that up on skin.  I was counting on that.  It is not a horrible fragrance, but definitely not my style at all.  If I had purchased only Lily Lotus, it would have been already re-packaged and returned to Ulta.

A bit discouraged at this point, and also thinking that the layering set should have been named The Boy Next Door That Likes To Dress Up In His Mother’s Clothes, I decided to stick it out for reviewing purposes.  Directly on top of Lily Lotus, I sprayed a full spray of Butterfly Kiss, and waited patiently for the dry-down.

Surprisingly, the results were much better than anticipated.  While still slightly on the strong side of the floral realm, the two scents mixed together were better than either of them worn alone.  The masculine side of Lily Lotus was quieted down, and Butterfly Kiss received a bit of an shove onto the dark side that I didn’t even realize it needed.

I need to play around with the set more to perfect my ideal concoction, but ideally, I am thinking 1 part Lily Lotus to 2 parts Butterfly Kiss.  I personally recommend to spray Lily Lotus first so that it can act as a base, and then layer the lighter and fresher Butterfly Kiss on top of it.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle):  N/A, as I am grading the two fragrances combined

First sniff (skin):  B

Worn scent:  B+

Staying power: A

Scent as compared to note(s): A

Bottle:  C (Sure, gotta love the quiet simplicity of the sticker design, but the generic bottle design is just borrrrring)

Overall: B

This fragrance set is highly customizable and just plain fun to play around with.  Perfect for the jaded fragrance lover that is bored of the same ol’ same ol’, and perhaps wants to experiment with finding her perfect mix.  Check out Ulta for the other Sula layering sets — Vixen, Socialite, Beach Beauty, and Supermodel.   You’re bound to found something you’ll be able to connect with.

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