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Pefume Snobs – The Anti-Scent Addicts

If you’re new to Scent Addicts and have been rolling your eyes over the young, energetic appearance of this blog, or our particular favoritism towards feminine fragrances, you are most likely a perfume snob.

That’s okay – just as we fight for our (and every other 18-25 year old age-grouped perfume lover) right to bask in the glory of Midnight Fantasy and other equally fruit-tasticly appealing fragrances, we support your right to strictly enjoy floriental, spicy, woodsy musks because they have “depth” and are “mature.” As much as you may hate our opinion, we could care less, because we know that just because we enjoy the scents that perfume snobs rip on, it does not discount the fact that we have a nose. And, we like what we like. So save your comments for someone who cares.

While we warmly welcome everyone to enjoy our blog, please note that it is definitely, admittedly, aimed at the younger perfume-wearing crowd (let’s face it – there are blogs upon blogs out there which cater to the more mature perfume wearer’s style). In addition, we pride ourselves on a little thing called tact when it comes to constructively criticizing a fragrance; our English and writing skills are better than to resort to reviews full of juvenile insults simply because of a few notes that we didn’t particularly care for. In addition, perhaps we are wiser beyond our years – we could care less if a scent is endorsed by a celebrity or not, and if we just so happen to dislike the celebrity who endorses it, we can smell past that and stay constructive. In addition, the flurry of celebrity perfumes doesn’t bother us at all! We embrace it as it gives us something to write about!

That’s what a scent addict is – they don’t pass harsh judgments on a fragrance because of who endorses it, they don’t make assumptions towards perfumes until they’ve smelled them, they’re interested in giving anything a sniff at least once. They’re not snobby, they’re not arrogant, they’re not mean-spirited, and they’re not rude. And, they don’t write blogs like elitists.

So.. welcome to all scent addicts! It’s wonderful to have you. Perfume snobs – feel free to look around, but you’re probably not going to enjoy your stay.

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