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Our Mission

scent addict (sěnt ad-ikt) – noun: a person who is addicted to the scent, odor, or volatile particles emitted by substances that smell agreeable.

We’re just a couple of young ladies (in our mid-to-late 20s) who have a, perhaps unhealthy, adoration for all things scentsational. We’re helplessly in love with perfumes, lotions, soaps, and other scented bath/body/beauty products.

For a long time, we relied on the blogs, reviews, and recommendations of others only to find that the perfume world (particularly the corner belonging to bloggers) is full of nasty, stuck up, non-constructively opinionated individuals. Our goal here is to provide honest, straight-forward reviews without sounding as though we have something stuck up our back ends.

We believe in writing reviews so as not to make anyone who might disagree with our views feel as if they are insignificant. You won’t catch us smack talkin’, talking down, or generally putting anyone else’s opinions (fragrance related or not) down. That’s the difference between this blog and other perfume blogs (don’t just take our word for it – go ahead and compare us).


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