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Covet Pure Bloom by Sarah Jessica Parker

Cover Pure Bloom

Covet Pure Bloom

NOTES (as listed on pikoke Indian flower, mandarin orange, plum, coconut water, tuberose, jasmine, musk, amber, sandalwood, orris

CLASSIFICATION: floral, fruity, slightly feminine

AGE GROUP: college, mature


FORM: eau de parfum

Despite not particularly caring for the original Covet, Covet Pure Bloom has quickly risen to my top 5 perfumes.  Take that, perfume snobs!  That’s right – Covet Pure Bloom – a richly floral, fruity, feminine perfume that is “just like everything out there,” pretty much currently has the throne in my rotation.

I was quite apprehensive in giving Covet Pure Bloom a second chance, but lately, I’ve been having quite good luck with second chances (UR for Women, Luscious Pink).  Once again, I first tried Covet Pure Bloom at a department store counter where I also sprayed several other perfumes.  Although I was wearing this on one of my wrists, my nose must have just been overwhelmed and told me that it didn’t like this one without ever really giving it a chance.  Please try this one solo for an accurate reading.

Covet Pure Bloom is indeed strong, so a little goes a long way.  It may be intimidating at first, but let it sink in and it settles into a beautiful, richly scented bouquet of exotic florals and mouth watering fruitiness.  This isn’t something that is sticky and sweet, but rather sticky and warm with a very slight hint of sweet. Now, I don’t usually go for perfumes described as “warm,” but Covet Pure Bloom is different.  Yes, it’s feminine; yes, it’s floral; yes, it’s fruity.. but it’s mature.  This is something that has lacked in some of my other favorite feminine and/or fruity and/or floral scents.  Similarly to avoiding warm fragrances, I also generally do not go for those that are classified as mature.  This one is the perfect blend of each of it’s factors that it does not become overwhelming in any of them (i.e. too fruity, too mature, etc).

The staying power is amazing (on me, that is).  This is the type of perfume that I randomly catch a whiff of on myself throughout the day and become pleasantly perked up.  Although it sprays on strong and settles into a more tolerable level of scent, it is otherwise a very consistent perfume.  It smells the same on my wrist as it does when I smell it straight from the bottle.

While I do wear Covet Pure Bloom during the day, I would really recommend it for evening wear, for a date or event.  I don’t see why it would limit itself to any season in particular, although I can picture this going extremely well with a hot, tropical, humid Summery night.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): A

First sniff (skin): A

Worn scent: A

Staying power: A

Scent as compared to note(s): A

Bottle: A

Overall: A

This is a great fragrance for anyone looking for a nice (rare) mature fruity/floral fragrance.  I wouldn’t recommend this scent to anyone in high school or younger; it’s definitely a college aged and older scent.


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So deeeelishis! I like this one so much I bought 2 of them! Smells like plum, coconut and hawaiian flower!So grown up and gorgeous! Not for teeny boppers this is a mature scent! Good job SJP!

Comment by Dmarie

I went back and bought a 3rd bottle of pure bloom! Marshalls sells the 3.4 oz for 19.99 so I stocked up! Can’t find any other good brand new fragrance 3.4 oz for that price other than Midnight Fantasy 3.3 oz for 19.99 usually it is older perfumes they sell for that price!

Comment by Dmarie

Way to go, DMarie!

I also have stocked up on Covet Pure Bloom! I have three bottles, as well – one that is open/in my current rotation of fragrances to wear, and two that are in my “back up” collection! I always buy a second bottle when I find a perfume that I really, really love. Covet Pure Bloom is available at such a good price right now (same price – $19.99, but at TJ Maxx by me) that I got two additional bottles. It’s normally $68 (can you believe that?! Almost SEVENTY BUCKS!) for 3.4 ounces, so this is indeed quite a steal!

Now we’ll always smell delicious. 🙂

❤ – From Rebecca

Comment by scentaddicts

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