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Be My Valentine (a Demeter Fragrance)

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

NOTES (as listed on peach skin, strawberry leaf, carmelized sugar, ylang ylang

CLASSIFICATION: unique, slightly spicy, very slightly fruity, slightly floral

AGE GROUP: college, but more so mature


FORM: cologne spray

Indeed, I should start approaching the sampling of a perfume with a more open mind, but I couldn’t help but imagine that this perfume would be a home run.  Now that I’ve sprayed it on myself, though, I’m can’t find a wash cloth (or gun!) quick enough.  For the sake of fragrance fans all over the world, I have decided to go ahead and endure it long enough to write this review.

Okay, I kid.  So this stuff isn’t the worst stuff in the world, by any means.  I’ve just got to stop expecting anything before I take my first whiff.  That’s what always gets me all riled up.

I wanted to try this perfume because of the rave reviews it received on (you may visit it’s product link there by clicking on the picture of the bottle that accompanies this review).  It received 4 out of 5 stars,  the reviewers used words like “light and sweet,” and “fun and flirty.”  Quite frankly, this fragrance is not either of those when I wear it (much to my dismay).

Please, do not even bother trying to smell this fragrance from the nozzle or in the cap.  It may even smell like crap on paper, I’m not sure since I haven’t smelled it in that way.  It smells 10000% better when applied to the skin, so please only sample it that way – it’s the only fair way.  Upon first sniff (prior to spraying it on myself), it smelled more like chemicals than a perfume.  It reminded me of rubber, and I wouldn’t have touched it with a ten foot pole had I not already purchased the damn stuff.

It gets much, much better once you smell it on your skin.  However, “much, much better” when in consideration to the comparison of rubber isn’t all that dazzling.  But, it’s not bad.   As I had read from reviews on Sephora, though, it does fade quite quickly.  Good news for me, but bad news for any fans of the fragrance.

Upon the initial spray and immediate smell, the scent is not unpleasant, although still not something that I would normally wear.  It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it smells like, but it is ever-so-slightly fruity, and I suppose the remainder of what I smell could be attributed to florals.  Generally, I’m a fruity/floral gal, but not so much in this case.  Again, it’s not bad, but just doesn’t work well on me.

It’s definitely not, in my experience, a sweet fragrance whatsoever.  It’s a very dull (that is not being used as an insult in this instance; it just is) scent overall.  The quick fade certainly doesn’t help matters, but it is a cologne so that is to be expected.  The dry down of this scent gets better and better the more that I smell my wrist.  It does indeed smell like the Valentine conversation hearts that I love, but minus the chalky smell that Jax was wondering if it would be accompanied by.  No worries there.

This is a cute fragrance, although “cute” isn’t really an adjective that college-aged and up perfume wearers are probably going for.  I do still consider this one more on the mature side (but not necessarily to be classified as mature) – I wouldn’t get this as a gift for my 10 to 13 year old niece.  I’d recommend that the wearer be at least 18+, but then again, that’s all up to the nose and style of the interested perfume-ista!


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): F- –

First sniff (skin): C+

Worn scent: B-

Staying power: D-

Scent as compared to note(s): C (I don’t really smell peach or any type of strawberry scent.. and damned if I know what a ylang ylang smells like!)

Bottle: B-

Overall: C

If you like unique fruity florals, this could potentially be for you.  Keep in mind it’s extremely light, doesn’t last very long, and although it’s molded after the scent of a candy, it’s a bit on the mature side.


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