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Flirtacious! by Flirt!



NOTES (as listed on the box of this perfume): wild berry, honeysuckle, creamy vanilla

CLASSIFICATION: gourmand, slightly fruity

AGE GROUP: college and younger

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Fantasy, Wrapped With Love, Candie’s Heartbreaker

FORM: perfume spray

Flirtacious! by Flirt! is carried exclusively at Kohl’s department stores.  If the bottle isn’t enough to make you want to sample a spritz, then I don’t know what is.

I envisioned Flirtacious! as being fruity, light, and fun.  Flirtacious, even!  At first spray, it most certainly is!  It’s light hearted, fruity, sweet, and fun.  Definitely something that I would wear, but that most people would say is best suited for a bit of a younger audience, perhaps.  I suppose I am young at heart, or am really only as old as I feel, because I still enjoy “younger” perfumes, and I’m 27 (don’t remind me).  No need to worry, though, if you were interested in this one and aren’t going for the “I took a bath in candy” smell.

This stuff quickly gets gourmand-y, thanks to the “creamy vanilla” as listed in this notes.  This is what the fragrance dries down to, and becomes completely.  While there is still a scent of fruitiness, the vanilla is what owns the fragrance after the dry down, and that is what you’ll smell throughout the duration of your experience with Flirtacious!  Personally, I am not a gourmand fan, but I didn’t mind that aspect of this perfume.  It surprised me that it did not stay fruity, but I wasn’t so bummed out that I determined it unworthy to add to my collection… yet.

I’m not sure if my skin just isn’t that compatible with gourmands, or what, but the vanilla-cupcakey smell that I had just gotten used to somehow packed it’s bags and left, and what now remains on my skin is a chemical scent that reminds me of old plastic or tires or something.  Don’t get me wrong – I can still smell traces of the vanilla and fruitiness that once was, but it’s overpowered by the chemical scent.  This is the same type of chemical smell that occurred when I sampled another gourmand fragrance, Candie’s Heartbreaker (you can read that review here).

Unfortunately, because of this “chemical reaction” on my skin, I will not be adding Flirtacious! to my collection.  Although, as previously mentioned, I am not a gourmand fan, Flirtacious! had potential in my eyes.  Perhaps could have been a life changing fragrance for me.  Quote the raven, “Nevermore.”


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): A+

First sniff (skin): A

Worn scent: C

Staying power: B-

Scent as compared to note(s): B-

Bottle: A+ (totally cute, no?)

Overall: B

I would recommend this scent to any fruity-gourmand lover, however, sample it first to be sure that the weird chemical smell does or does not occur on your skin.


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As the name say’s “flirtacious” , it is the best choice for the youth today (specially for boys who want to leave an impression on some one special!.. ).I used this perfume & was complemented.
Great perfume
I love it.

Comment by Mike dean

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