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Dior Addict 2

Dior Addict 2

Dior Addict 2

NOTES (as listed on Grapefruit, Orange, White Musk, Grenadine, Freesia, Cedarwood, Lotus Flower, Pineapple, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Lily of the Valley, Watermelon

CLASSIFICATION: floral, slightly fruity, slightly spicy

AGE GROUP: college

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Benghal, Incanto Charms, Flower Princess

FORM: eau de toilette

I had been interested in smelling (or re-smelling, shall I say) Dior Addict 2 after being pretty sure that I had briefly encountered it at my local Dillard’s.  Unfortunately, Dillard’s had several bottles of Dior perfume out on the counter in a cluster, all of which looked extremely similar, so I wasn’t sure whether it was indeed Dior Addict 2 that I had smelled or not.  After eliminating Dior Addict Shine (which I will review soon), I figured this had to be it.  What I remembered was a deliciously sweet, feminine, yummily fruity fragrance (just the kind that it seems everyone other than Jackie and myself absolutely hates).  Alas, I was sadly disappointed in regards to those expectations when I took a whiff of Dior Addict 2.  However, that’s not to say that it’s a disappointing fragrance in general. Again,  what I was looking for was something that was so fruity, your teeth would ache if you wore it.  This is not.  That’s not a bad thing.  This is actually a slightly sweet, less spicy love child of Incanto Charms and Benghal (those reviews of mine can be read here and here).  I wouldn’t call Dior Addict 2 spicy, but it’s fruitiness is not strong enough that it becomes the entire classification for this fragrance.  There is a bit of a kick, a bit of a zing to it, which is where it gets the “slightly spicy” classification from. Dior Addict 2 starts out as a very strong scent, with it’s boxing gloves on and ready to fight.

Much to my surprise, the gloves were off, and Dior Addict 2 was down for the count after about half an hour.  I can still smell a lighter, and even more desirable, scent of what was once there – but this is not a strong perfume by any means.  At least not on me.  I do, however, like what this fragrance dries down to – light, feminine, casual enough for day wear and yet mature enough for evening wear if you so chose.  And yeah – that zing I mentioned just a paragraph ago – it’s already worn off. This is definitely more of a floral, feminine scent than a fruity one.  I can discern ever so slight fruity tones every now and then, but in general, this is a very feminine fragrance, a la Vera Wang Flower Princess (you can read that review here).  I must admit to liking this fragrance more and more, the longer I wear it, and the more and more I sniff my wrist.  It’s something that would work very versatile for you – I can picture this scent being worn pretty much for any occasion, during any time of year, at any time of day.

To cut back on confusion, I’ll do a side by side comparison of the similar fragrances listed above: Dior Addict 2 VS. Incanto Charms – Incanto Charms is spicy; the kick of Incanto Charms does not die down like the kick of Dior Addict 2; Incanto Charms is not as feminine and is not floral. Dior Addict 2 VS. Benghal – see Dior Addict 2 VS. Incanto Charms (YES, Incanto Charms and Benghal are THAT alike) Dior Addict 2 VS. Flower Princess – Dior Addict 2 starts off with a zest that Flower Princess does not; the consistency of the scent of Flower Princess is more reliable than that of Dior Addict 2.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): C

First sniff (skin): C+

Worn scent: B+

Staying power: C-

Scent as compared to note(s): C+

Bottle: B-

Overall: B

I would recommend this to you if you found it at a good price online or perhaps on clearance at a local department store.  It’s not that the scent is not desirable; I do enjoy the scent (more than I thought I would when I first sniffed it).  I would more so recommend one of the other comparable fragrances to you, depending on your specifications.  If you want spicier, go with Incanto Charms.  If you want floral and feminine, go with Flower Princess.  The price tag that accompanies Dior Addict 2 is not justified by the juice itself, when there are other similar fragrances out there.

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I just got a bottle of this as a gift in the mail and I absolutely love it. Not only was it a wonderful surprise, it is VERY wearable, feminine, and not overpowering. Also, the scent somewhat changes as you continue to wear and smell it. Very niceee!

Comment by Lauren Pagan

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