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Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein
Euphoria Blossom

Euphoria Blossom

NOTES:  pomegranate, kumquat, orchid, pink peony, lotus, musk, white woods, white amber

CLASSIFICATION: woodsy, floral

AGE GROUP: college, mature


FORM: eau de toilette

When I first saw Euphoria Blossom, I was interested in trying it.  I was not necessarily a fan of the original Euphoria (not that it was a bad scent, just not my normal cup of fragrance tea), but the blossom twist on this one really piqued my curiosity.  I also must admit that the frosty, rosily colored bottle also drew my attention to it.

I must preface my review by informing the reader that while I would not wear this fragrance personally,  I do enjoy the scent in regards to the classification that it falls under (which I am usually not a fan of).

Sniffing Euphoria Blossom from the nozzle, I was not impressed in the least bit.  It smelled a bit overwhelming (which is uncommon for a nozzle sniff), and not as feminine as I’d expect a perfume with “Blossom” in it’s name to smell.  However, I was still interested in doing a review and went ahead and did the ol’ wrist spray.

I was pleasantly surprised!  Immediately, even before drying, my wrist was encompassed in a feminine, pleasing scent.  At first sniff, I thought I might actually be interested in adding this perfume to my collection.  It is indeed worthy of the Blossom name, and is feminine enough to match the beautiful hue of pink of the bottle.  The only thing that kept me from purchasing this fragrance was that once it dries down, it’s a bit too woodsy for my taste.  That’s not to say that it’s overwhelmingly woodsy at all – but I’m not a woodsy gal, so any amount of wood in my fragrance is undesirable.  Despite this, on a woodsy scale, I feel that it’s a beautiful fusion of florals and woods, and remains quite girly (which, to me, is a good thing).

I would wear this perfume to the office, or to a semi-casual date (i.e. not for burgers at the ol’ Snack Shack, but to a sit-down dinner at a restaurant).  It is light enough to easily be worn during the day, but has enough sophistication to also double as an evening scent.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): D+

First sniff (skin): A-

Worn scent: A

Scent as compared to note(s): A-

Bottle: B-

Overall: A

A lovely scent indeed, I’d recommend this for anyone college-aged and up who is seeking a nicely combined woodsy floral fragrance.  This is a truly versatile perfume for many reasons – it caters to several age groups gracefully, and can be worn without question to several different scenarios (work, evening, date, et cetera).


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