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Benghal by Lancome

Benghal by Lancome

I want to apologize for the lack of updates. We have tons of perfumes to update and we’re ready! So let’s kick it off by introducing something new to Scent Addicts – Review On The Run. We’ll be posting these when doing a review on a perfume in which there is not a whole lot to say – namely because it may smell extremely similar to another perfume that we have recently tested/reviewed, or because it’s very easy to describe, and not a complex enough of a smell to write an in-depth review of. In today’s example, it’s because Benghal is very similar to Incanto Charms. Let the fun begin!

NOTES (as listed on ginger, mandarin orange, apricot, osmanthus, jasmine, sandalwood, musk



CLASSIFICATION: spicy, slightly fruity

AGE GROUP: mature

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Incanto Charms

FORM: eau de toilette

Benghal smells almost identical (to my nose, anyways) to Incanto Charms. This is a more spicy than fruity fragrance, but the fruitiness is apparent enough to mention in the classification. While I wore it, the smell was very consistent from the first application to the end of the day (no surprises or sudden twists). It lasted a very long time on my skin; reapplication would not have been necessary at all. No other reason worth-mentioning factors – this smells identical enough to Incanto Charms that you can get an accurate review of Benghal by reading my other review [of Incanto Charms].

Click here to read my review of Incanto Charms!

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