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Paris Hilton Can Can

First and foremost, to all loyal readers – I am so sorry for the lack of updates on my part!  Rebecca and I have been so busy with work lately, and I am also taking some fairly time consuming classes this semester.  Expect more updates, though.  I miss the perfume world.

Having said that, onto the review!

Can Can by Paris Hilton

Can Can by Paris Hilton

NOTES:  Clementine, Flowers, Cassis, Nectarine, Orchid, Orange Blossom, Soft Musk, Wood, Amber

Can Can was the first Paris Hilton fragrance that I ever considered buying, but ironically, it was the last fragrance that I actually went ahead and bought.  I would always sample it in the store, though, and I always had mixed feelings on it… sometimes I loved it, sometimes I hated it.

CLASSIFICATION: gourmand, ever so slightly powdery

AGE GROUP: perfect for any age

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Fantasy by Britney Spears

FORM: Eau de Toilette

Apparently, I loved Can Can two weeks ago, since I finally decided to make the plunge and buy it.  I was browsing fragrances at Kohl’s (small selection – horrible prices!), and Can Can was really the only thing that caught my eye.  I sprayed it on my skin, and with little regard to how much I would be paying for it, I happily carried a box to the cash register.

Love it or hate it, Can Can is a very consistent fragrance – from first spray until the barest trace of scent remains, it smells exactly the same.  It is a bit on the strong side at initial applicable, so keep that in mind before spraying all over your body!

It is a fun, warm gourmand fragrance that is a bit like Fantasy, but not quite as obnoxiously reminiscent of food.  It is also a bit more mature – one might say that Can Can is Fantasy’s older, more sophisticated sister.  Fine with me!  I tried to love Fantasy, but unfortunately, I just could never get into it.

Sadly, I do not really smell any of the individual fragrance notes at all, nor do I feel that it is a floral scent.  A bit irrelevant, but also worth mentioning:  I also don’t understand the marketing.  What does this perfume have to do with Moulin Rouge?


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): B

First sniff (skin): B

Worn scent: B

Scent as compared to note(s): C-

Bottle: C

Overall: B+

Can Can is a fun, casual fragrance that is perfect for all seasons, and for all women that enjoy a nice, gourmand fragrance… or, women that wear a gourmand fragrance on the rare occassion for a change of pace, like me.  While it is not my favorite scent ever, I haven’t had my love/hate feelings for it in awhile: I am now a fan all the time.

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I bought Can Can after walking past it on the store shelves so many times and I think it is a nice fragrance.It smells so much like cotton candy like a soft version of pink sugar and surprisingly it lasts a long time! Good for a Paris Hilton fragrance! I sprayed 3 spritzes on my shirt and it was too much,I think 1 or 2 spays is plenty to smell good! My only thing is only the 1.7 oz was available and now knowing it smells realy good I would have liked a 3.4 oz instead but oh well I am going to enjoy my bottle because a little goes a long way so this bottle should last for a long time.

Comment by Dmarie

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