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Quite a slew of awesome new fragrance samples are available right now via the following magazines:

MARIE CLAIRE October 2008
Mariah Carey’s Luscious Pink
Prada Milano Infusion d’Iris
Coach Legacy

COSMO GIRL October 2008
Harajuku Lovers Fragrances
Christina Aguilera Inspire
Jean Paul Gaultier Madame

GLAMOUR October 2008
Mariah Carey’s Luscious Pink
Donna Karan Cashmere Mist
Calvin Klein Secret Obsession
Absolutely Irresistible Givenchy
UR for Women (Limited Edition) by Usher
Burberry The Beat

Please feel free to let us know any that we have missed, in any other magazines on newsstands now!

BONUS! – Visit the Harajuku Lovers website and submit your name and address so that you can receive free Harajuku Lovers samples in the mail!


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Dear Jackie and Rebecca,

First of all I would like to congratulate you both for the wonderful blog.
For some time I was searching some perfume related blog that could rely and trust on the reviews, and I thankfully have found ScentAddicts.

Until a few months ago I didn’t realize that there were such a thing as perfume snobs(most of the perfume blogs that I’ve read were from then unfortunately), and was quite surprised seeing how annoying they can be…

Well in my opinion the what matters, when it comes to fragrances, is wheter you like it or not, right?What is wrong in liking celebrity fragrances if they make you feel happy?

Well I hate that perfume snobs attitude like “I have to wear something niche, unique, very unusual, whatever the rest of the crowd doesn’t know that exists” and that’s why I appreciate your reviews…They make sense for someone that haven’t had the chance to sniff the perfume, the report cards take what is REALLY important in consideration!

I end up writing more than I intended too, oh well!

I’ll be a faithfull reader from now on 🙂

And if possible I would like to have some recomendations from you both… Because I live in Brazil and it’s hard to get some especific fragrances in here.(Sometimes they aren’t even released in here
I usually buy some samples through ebay to try something new that is already available in the US(I already lived there)…
But with some many “fishes” on the sea is hard to decide what samples to buy!
Hopefully with your help I will make better choices.

Kind Regards,


Comment by Cynthia


Your comment is very much appreciated, thank you for the very kind words! I am so glad that you enjoy Scent Addicts! To know that there is even just one person out there who enjoys it, pleases me so much. 🙂

I would be very happy to recommend some scents for you! Let me know what you’re looking for – clean/fresh/spicy/fruity/floral/woody?

For fragrances available in the US that aren’t available in Brazil – are you able to use eBay? You could sample tons of fragrances that way. It’s what I use to buy most of my perfume samples. 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon!


Comment by scentaddicts


Thank you so much for your response, I truly enjoy Scent Addicts and I’m always happy to see that there’s a new review 🙂

I usually like fruity, floral,clean and fresh(without aquatic/ozone notes, I’m kinda allergic to then), but I’m not limited to it,it’s always worth trying something new. I like grapefruit, apples and figs very much, so I might give a try to anything that have then in the notes.
I’m looking for fragrances that are pretty, playful, bright and captivating, staying power is something very important to me(I go to college very early in the morning and I
return from my internship at 7 pm).

People usually describes me as free spirited,kind, hard-working, cute, funny, “doll/cartoon/fairy tale like”(hope this makes sense lol), unique and the kind of person that you can’t help but be interested in. And I kinda look for those things in fragrances too, I wouldn’t feel like me wearing anything sad, too “sexy wannabe”, bitter or too mature(and it doesn’t matter how nicely done the fragrance are).

Some of my love and hates in perfume:

– Versace Woman>> I’ll rather die than wear this “thing” again!

– Delices de Cartier>> I bought it, tried to wear this couple of times,but
I also hate it(even though I recognize it as nicely done)! It’s too
“mature” and sad for me! Reminds me o cough medicine(the bitter ones).

-L’Eau d’Issey>> Hate it, I can’t even smell it!(I must be allergic to

-Ralph>>I use to wear this when i was 15, now I can’t stand it, stills
smells of ralph, but in a bad way.

-Pacific Paradise>> I have a complicated relationship with this one, nowaday i think it’s TOO SWEET.
Sometimes I spray the back of my neck with it and wear a fresher fragrance everywhere else.

-I love love>>I like it very much!

-Nina>> Very wearable, but there’s nothing special about it

-Kenzo amour>> likeable(even thoug there’s nothing special or girlie about it), I even like to wear it sometimes, but not for my everyday rotation(not my type)

-L (lolita lempicka)>>likeable, it’s wearable, but not my type

-J’adore>>I like it very much

-So de La Renta>> I like it, but no lasting power.

-Ralph Rocks>>Like it very much

-Un Jardin en Méditerranée>>Love it, but I’m looking for something more “girly”

-Daisy>>I love the top notes, unfortunately they fade away very quickly

-Miss Dior Cherie>>I liked this one a lot, but I end up with a headache

-Stella>>I tried this a long time ago, but I remember to have liked it

– Incanto Dream>> LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Smells like “me”, I feel very happy when I smell it:)

Oh, and I use ebay(a lot of sellers ship worldwide! I just bough 4 juicy couture samples that way(the fragrance wasn’t was I expected unfortunately)!

(I ended up writing too much again LOL, I guess I can’t help it, especially when it comes to perfumes)

Many thanks for your attention and consideration, it is very much appreciated 🙂



Comment by Cynthia

Hi Jackie and Rebecca

I’ve been spending numerous hours trying to fine a fragrance that smells clean. I wear Tova’s signature fragrance. I would get so many compliments with this fragrance until she sold her company to QVC and the smell totally changed. It smells more of alcohol then anything. These are the notes, top notes of white lilies, fresh violet, and dewy greens; middle notes of lilac, white peonies, pink roses, and subtle spice; and bottom notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and musk. Do you know of any fragrance that has these notes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Comment by Josephine

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