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Candie’s Heartbreaker
Candies Heartbreaker

Candie's Heartbreaker

NOTES (as listed on passionfruit, cassia, raspberry, peach, apple, wild strawberry, magnolia, lily, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, amber, musk, dark chocolate

CLASSIFICATION: fruity, gourmand

AGE GROUP: perfect for any age / college


FORM: eau de toilette

I was instantly interested in sampling Candie’s Heartbreaker after reading about it on, but I wasn’t interested in purchasing any of their regular-sized products in order to do so. I was unable to locate a sample or mini anywhere, so I quickly lost interest. I was just cleaning out some boxes in one of my closets, and I found two perfume samples – Candie’s Heartbreaker and DKNY Be Delicious. For a scent addict, this is roughly the equivalent of finding $20 in the winter coat in the closet! I honestly don’t remember where either of these samples came from, and had no recollection that I even had them in my possession, but now that I had found them I decided to put them to good use immediately.

I spilled (and prayed) the Candie’s Heartbreaker onto my wrist. Upon smelling it from the tiny sample tube, I was not automatically turned off; the smell was rather pleasant, although not as feminine as I normally care for, or fruity as I was expecting from the notes. The earlier sniffs of this fragrance, before it settles into the skin, are very young. While I can’t discern any of the fruity notes on their own, it does have a fruitiness to it (although I must reiterate that the fruitiness of this fragrance is not nearly to the degree that I was expecting, what with the grocery-list of fruits listed in the notes). It almost smells like a very dull, nearly flavorless watermelon hard candy (one that would get spit out after a few seconds). This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m only trying to emphasize that while this fragrance may be strong in general (at first), the scent is not bursting with juicy, fruity goodness.

After a short while, as the fragrance begins to settle in, it takes on more of a gourmand aspect, but it’s not an overwhelmingly gourmand fragrance. Barely enough to classify it as such, actually. This is not a bad or unpleasant scent in the least bit (and I’m not even a fan of gourmand or even slightly gourmand fragrances). Unfortunately, Candie’s Heartbreaker does not last very long at all; after about only two hours, it began to smell like a rubbery, chemical-enhanced synthetic material of some sort, like the smell of the old dolls that have been stewing in my Grandmother’s attic for 40 years. Nothing that a little reapplication wouldn’t fix, though.

In regards to comparing Candie’s Heartbreaker to Fantasy and XOXO – Fantasy is by far superior in the gourmand/sugary category, and XOXO, although even lesser-known than Candie’s Heartbreaker, is by far superior in the feminine/fruity category. I would recommend either of those fragrances above this one, although that’s not to say that I absolutely hated this. It’s not a bad fragrance, but I feel that Fantasy and XOXO are improved versions, depending on which aspect of this perfume you’re more interested in.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): B+

First sniff (skin): B

Worn scent: C

Scent as compared to note(s): B-

Bottle: B- (relatively average, although girlie.. however, I have not seen this bottle in person so this is not a very accurate grade, admittedly)

Overall: C

Candie’s Heartbreaker packs a pretty pleasant punch in the beginning of it’s journey on your skin; it really holds it’s own at first. Unfortunately, it quickly dies down into a much weaker, less desirable scent (at least on my skin). If you’re generally a fruity-gourmand perfume lover, sampling this might still be worth your while; perhaps it’s my body’s own pH balance that caused the downward spiral of Candie’s Heartbreaker.


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[…] I’m not sure if my skin just isn’t that compatible with gourmands, or what, but the vanilla-cupcakey smell that I had just gotten used to somehow packed it’s bags and left, and what now remains on my skin is a chemical scent that reminds me of old plastic or tires or something.  Don’t get me wrong – I can still smell traces of the vanilla and fruitiness that once was, but it’s overpowered by the chemical scent.  This is the same type of chemical smell that occurred when I sampled another gourmand fragrance, Candie’s Heartbreaker (you can read that review here). […]

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