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Perfume snobs, E! Online exposure, & Celebrity fragrances
August 18, 2008, 11:56 am
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Before I do my next review, I feel the need to vent a bit in regards to the nasty world of perfume snobs, and I figured what better place to do it than this wonderfully non-snobby perfume blog?

I recently read a review of Jessica Simpson Fancy on another perfume blog. The review itself wasn’t too bad, and surprisingly wasn’t too biased, either. I went on to read the comments and I couldn’t believe my eyes. For such “sophisticated” perfume connoisseurs to result to what these comments amounted to was pretty surprising (and ridiculous) to me. Comment upon comment poured in of how stupid Jessica Simpson is (“dumb blonde” being a direct quote), and…

completely irrelevant and misinformed quips along the lines of “here we go again, another fruity floral,” were a dime a dozen in these comments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for playfully poking fun at whoever (celebrities, myself, anybody), as long as it’s done constructively and in a non-offensive nature.

Personally, I would not have let these comments be posted. Sure, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but to accost a review of Jessica Simpson Fancy with degrading remarks about her that have nothing to do with the scent of the perfume itself seems a bit… much. It’s beyond me as to why these “mature” perfume reviewers would not only proudly display such juvenile and immaterial crap in their comment section, but, in addition, contributed to it.

Call me crazy! – but when I review a perfume, I’m reviewing it for the scent inside of the bottle… not the nose behind it or the celebrity who endorses it (and honestly, probably doesn’t even wear it). I’d like to see what most of these snobby, catty perfume “lovers” would do if the Elizabeth Arden company approached them with a new “hideous” fruity floral perfume to endorse, complete with a hefty paycheck and nationwide campaign ad. Laugh in their face and slam the door shut? Yeah, doubt it.

Here’s my bottom line – I may not like gourmand scents, I may not like spicy scents. I’ll even tell you that in my reviews. The difference is that I’ll let you know up front that while I may not be the authority on them, I’m going to review them as constructively as possible and on a scale appropriate to their fragrance categorization. I’m not just going to bitch and moan about how it’s so gourmand, UGH – ANOTHER GOURMAND, et cetera, thus making gourmand lovers feel either a) defensive or b) ashamed, or a mixture of both. In addition, perhaps I am just wiser beyond my years (and the aforementioned perfume snobs are just immature beneath theirs?), but I know better than to let my distaste (or affection) for a celebrity spoil (or enhance) my review of their fragrance. I also know better than to assume that every celebrity perfume out there is going to be a fruity floral – and if it is – SO BE IT! Shut up, quit bitching about it, review it as you wish and move on.

Last on my list to blog about here, includes the linkage of Scent Addicts, namely our review of Jessica Simpson Fancy, from E! Online (specifically, E! Online UK). Check out their quick write-up regarding Jessica Simpson Fancy, and you can even watch her video there (in which features a bottle of the perfume) by clicking here.


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I just stumbled across your blog while searching for reviews of RL’s new Notorious.

I’m in my 20’s and I wear both “snob” fragrances and “UGH another fruity floral” fragrances plus some things in between. You seem rather sensitive about your taste (which, as you point out , is a very personal thing) for someone who is “wiser beyond your years”. Real wisdom would tell you that a) not everyone is going to agree with you and b) not everyone is going to express themselves in a way that doesn’t offend your sensibilities.

Since you have already classified everyone who disagrees with your viewpoint as a “snob” or “catty”, I’d repeat to you your own words: shut up, quit bitching about it, review as you wish, and move on.

-A True Perfume Addict

Comment by M

Hi there “True Perfume Addict,” (because I’m NOT one, right?)

First of all, I have never referred to a perfume as a “snob” fragrance – so, I’m not sure who you’re quoting when you say that. Regardless, I am to assume that it was myself or Jackie. I apologize if you misinterpreted any of what I have said anywhere on this blog, however, I cannot be held responsible for your simplicity.

Second of all, I am not necessarily sensitive of MY taste, as I’m used to people putting down the type of fragrances that I generally prefer to wear, however, I am sensitive to other readers of this blog who may have a little less tougher of a skin in regards to their opinions. All that I have ever said in regards to perfume snobs and other perfume reviewing blogs, was that in general many of them do not write their blogs/reviews constructively. I have always been the first to stand up for anyone’s scent preference, whether it be one that I share with them or not. My only qualm with non-constructive reviews is that they have the potential to make the reader feel belittled, should the reader have a different point of view. I quite agree with what you’re saying, which is funny, because I think you were trying to be insulting. It was a nice attempt, though.

Again, I believe you took something that I said the wrong way, and it must have really stuck with you to move you to the point of leaving this veiled comment. I’m glad that I inspired you.

In regards to this “real” wisdom that you speak of, maybe one day I can acquire this to the same degree that you have. Until then, keep misunderstanding my blogs and getting so worked up about them that you feel the need to comment. You’re the one doing the reading – no one forced you to come here or share my opinion (although, we really do feel the same way, you’re just too “wise” to know that). You could say the same of me in regards to the other blog(s) that I dislike and make mention of, however, I have never commented on them. I did something constructive – moved on and made my own blog. I would suggest the same to you.. unless you’re one of those offensive bloggers that I loathe, and that’s what led you to become so defensive, of course.

I have not classified people who disagree with my view point as anything; you can like any types of fragrances that you wish, and it will not make me feel any differently about you or discount your opinion on fragrances. My problem is when you make others feel insignificant by insulting fans of a particular category of fragrance. I don’t do that here. I don’t complain about reviewing another spicy fragrance just because I don’t like that category, whereas I have read on other perfume blogs of the strong distaste towards popular fragrance (i.e. sweet, fruity, floral, et cetera) categories before the review even begins. This is biased and unfair and, I feel, leads to an inaccurate (and annoying) review. Which is why I quit reading them and we made this blog! If you like reading them, though – more power to you! Go there and read them.. get the hell out of here, maybe? If you hate me/us so much.. that would probably be your best bet, before you resort to having to refill your Xanax because of a perfume blog. Just a thought, darling. 🙂

So, right back atcha: SHUT UP, quit bitching about me, and don’t let the door knob hit you in the ass on the way out.


Comment by scentaddicts

First of all, I have never referred to a perfume as a “snob” fragrance – so, I’m not sure who you’re quoting when you say that.

Well, you say in your manifesto “perfume snobs-the anti-scent addicts” that fragrances which have “depth” and are “mature” are the territory of snobs. As I said, I wear both kinds.

I am sensitive to other readers of this blog who may have a little less tougher of a skin in regards to their opinions.

As a reader of this blog, I guess you forgot about me. Oh, wait, I’m not fawning all over myself agreeing with your not-so-veiled attack against other blogs/bloggers/perfume lovers. My bad. Of course, since you put it out as public domain, you would expect to garner a comment or two and MAYBE one would be something you don’t agree with.

Rein in the attack dogs, honey, I don’t hate anyone I don’t know, personally. I just think that you are being very childish and going against your own, stated purpose in writing this blog by ragging on other blog’s commenters. I thought you were trying to transcend the cattiness? Funnily enough, I agree with you that far too many perfume bloggers are only interested in the weird and unwearable. I get incredibly sick of the automatic poo-pooing of every department store fragrance. Why not fight the good fight and be constructive rather than destructive?

I could go on quoting your incredibly insulting response, but I think the point’s been made. Sorry that you feel the need to be incredibly insulting and openly hostile to your readers. I used to have this site bookmarked, but hell, I’d rather put up with the bitches elsewhere. They’re much less likely to automatically condescend and find hostility where there is none.

You win at Internets, I guess.

-A true perfume addict

Comment by M

Another day another dollar, eh, “M”?

Anyways, it was fun, wasn’t it?!

I’m not going to pick apart your response and defend myself yet again on my own blog. Like I said, you’re the one doing the reading! We’re not twisting your arm here, baby doll.

I wouldn’t have responded the way that I did, had I not felt that you were being overly critical, misinterpreting things that I had said, in addition to catty, and downright insulting. You told me to shut up (err.. I’m sorry.. “SHUT UP”). Had you perhaps expressed yourself in a less annoying and offensive manner, I’d of probably responded a bit more pleasantly myself. You were not ambushed after making an innocent comment, sweetie. Your words were a bit harsh and holier than thou, whether you meant them to be or not. Maybe that’s something that you should work on.

I overly welcome any and all to Scent Addicts, whether we share the same tastes in fragrance scents or not (I don’t know how many times I’ve stated in a review something along the lines of, “this isn’t what I normally like to wear, and I’ll never wear it again, but if you like [insert random fragrance category that I don’t particularly care for] fragrances, I’d recommend this to you!” and then rated it an A or a B out of constructive and relative category grading. I think you’ve got me all wrong, and that’s okay; maybe I’ve got you all wrong too! We could have been the best of friends, “M,” but I really can’t stand veiled internet attacks that are then defended by “Oh, I didn’t mean anything by it when I said you were being bitchy. You went too far when you defended yourself, though! WAAAAAH!”

Lastly, I will tell any blog to their face that I think they’re a$$holes, but I find it immature and unnecessary to call them out specifically here on my blog. If someone specifically asked me in private if I was referring to their blog, I’d tell them. My commentary on those blogs may be veiled, but I believe it’s for the right reasons. I didn’t read their reviews, absolutely hate them, and then bother them on their own territory with an annoying anonymous comment (ahem).

Anyways, you don’t have to go home, but ya can’t stay here. I’m done replying to you, toots. It was fun and gave me a nice little break from my work day, though. As a side note, if you’d like to start from scratch, I’m game. We all have bad days. I remember when I was like you; I was about 15 years old and thought I knew it all. I find that to be an endearing quality, now.. although I haven’t been that way in quite some time.


P.S. Glad to know I “won at Internets”.. great joke there, certainly not old or overused in the least bit. I guess I’m the idiot for defending myself on my own blog, and you’re the mature victim for leaving me a crappy anonymous comment on it and starting this thread in the first place, right? A++

Comment by scentaddicts


Maybe I’m a bit slow, but I’m not quite sure why this drama started. We (that is to say, Rebecca and I), started this blog with an open mind, because we didn’t like reading perfume blogs that judged fragrances harshly for poor reasons.

That’s all we’re trying to say here. We think it’s catty and pointless to knock a perfume because you don’t care for the celebrity who has their name on the bottle, or thinking a fruity fragrance is boring simply because you know of another fruity fragrance that is boring. That’s not constructive.

We actually sample every fragrance we review, and we try to be constructive. I will admit to telling readers that I do not like a fragrance (which I am sure you noted when you read my review of Notorious), but did I make you feel like an insignificant because you liked it? If so, I apologize. That was not my intention.

If you are able to find one review where Rebecca or I seemed holier than thou, snotty, catty, or whatever you deem inappropriate, please feel free to share. I will be happy for any constructive criticism.

I have little tolerance for people that are going to talk shit on our online blog for no reason at all, though (which is what I classify your previous responses as – shit talking), so be specific next time. Don’t get the wrong idea (which I think you did), and go off about it.

Or better yet, if you don’t like our blog, don’t come back. To quote your earlier comment, “Not everyone is going to agree with you” and “Not everyone is going to express themselves in a way that doesn’t offend your sensibilities.”

And to that, I say:

Thanks for visiting,

Comment by scentaddicts

Rebecca, you sound very immature. Next time, don’t result to Ad-Hominem so quickly. Your replies really turned me off to this blog.

Comment by Megan

Dear Megan,

Okay. From now on, I will sit here and get blasted by random, anonymous readers. I hope this turns you on.


Comment by scentaddicts

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