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Lolita Lempicka
Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka

NOTES (as listed on ivy leaves, aniseed, amarena heart, violets, iris roots, vetiver, tonka bean, vanilla, musk

As soon as I saw the beautiful bottle that houses Lolita Lempicka, I couldn’t wait to get a whiff. I knew ahead of time from other reviews that this was not my typical cup of tea, but I still went into it with an open mind.

CLASSIFICATION: floriental, spicy

AGE GROUP: mature / slightly college


FORM: eau de parfum

Lolita Lempicka, surprisingly, goes on light as a feather. I quite enjoyed the opening, to be honest. This may be off-putting to some of you, but it smelled like a baby wipe. While this isn’t my typical preference from a perfume, it was much better than I was expecting, since I’m not usually a floriental type o’ gal.

Once the pleasant opening dies down, and the fragrance began to settle, things did get a bit heavy. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, although I cannot state enough that this type of scent is not what I usually seek from my perfume. The “settled” scent of Lolita Lempicka still leaves a bit of that baby wipe behind, but is pretty much overtaken by warm floriental tendencies with a bit of a gourmand twist. Although I wouldn’t classify this fragrance as gourmand, there is enough of a spark there to potentially light someone else’s gourmand flame, if their nose seeks out different notes than mine did, or if their body chemistry causes Lolita Lempicka to settle differently than mine. The back of the card that came with my sample vial reads:

With her first fragrance, Lolita Lempicka conjures up an emotion that is rare, unexpected and yet somehow familiar… An enchanting floral, clear and sensual, a heady nectar of licorice flower.

I was definitely able to discern the licorice scent in this fragrance, which I feel added a nice amount of depth to an already sophisticated scent.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed wearing Lolita Lempicka. It dried down to a desirable “volume” of scent – it wasn’t too overbearing and it didn’t disappear from the skin after a short amount of time. Although I would definitely consider this a spicy floriental, it’s more feminine than any other fragrance I’ve ever sampled in either category, let alone the combination category. This review is short because of how pleased I was!


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): B+

First sniff (skin): A

Worn scent: A

Scent as compared to note(s): B+

Bottle: A+

Overall: A

This is not a fragrance I will ever own or wear again, however, for a spicy floriental, I found that it was surprisingly pleasant and somewhat feminine.  I would recommend it to both spicy and floriental lovers, who perhaps are looking for something a bit different with a slight touch of gourmand.


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