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Lancome Magnifique
Lancome Magnifique

Lancome Magnifique

NOTES: mandarin, saffron essence, cumin, cinnamon, Bulgarian Rose essence, absolute of Rose Mai de Grasse, jasmine, Australian Sandalwood essence, Indian nagarmotha, vetiver.

I didn’t know what to expect from this juice when I sampled it, and held absolutely no expectations. I found, in that state of mind, that what I experienced was not a disappointment.

You can sample Magnifique in September’s edition of Glamour magazine, along with several other new and upcoming fragrances.

CLASSIFICATION: Spicy, woody, earthy



FORM: Eau de Parfum

Magnifique was no surprise to me when I put it on. I absolutely hated it. It is strong (almost overpoweringly so), and very woody. I can compare the smell to cheap incense sticks. Really strong incense sticks.

The smell, although obviously not my favorite, is fairly feminine. Aside from the spicy and woody notes, I do smell the rose essence quite strongly, and this might be the only saving grace for this so-called “seductive” fragrance. (As a side note, most woody fragrances do not smell feminine at all to me, where Magnifique is undeniably so).

After the dry down, I begin to smell a very “earthy” fragrance, which reminds me of a long day spent working in the garden. The rose and the spice are still discernible, but not nearly as much before. Surprisingly, I enjoy the dry down more than the opening – I just really did not like that spicy kick.

Beware, fruity/floral lovers… before you rub your wrist on Magnifique, keep in mind that this is one of those fragrances that you are going to have to spend lots of time scrubbing off in the shower. To those of you that are a fan of spicy/woody fragrances, however, this is a good thing, as Magnifique lasts and lasts.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): C

First sniff (skin): D

Worn scent: C-

Scent as compared to note(s): B

Bottle: D–

Overall: C-

Recommended for fall/winter casual or nighttime wear for mature women that enjoy spicy, woody fragrances. Sadly, I can’t really recommend this to anyone that takes an interest in fruity/floral scents.

I was expecting to hate Magnifique. That being said, I went in with rather low expectations. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! Jax will probably think I’ve lost my mind but I really like this one. The only reason this is such a shock is because I’m typically a fruity/floral lover, and rarely do I stray to other classifications of perfumes.

Magnifique is very feminine, yet not your typical floral-y, pink-y, feminine. A sophisticated, alluring feminine, but not quite “sensual,” at least not in the typical sense of the worde when it comes to perfumes. I did not consider this perfume to be at all spicy, at least not on my own skin. This fragrance is not what I would classify as clean or fresh, but it just has a nice relaxed, freshened-up feel to it. I’m very happy with this scent.

I don’t think it’s something that I will be adding to my collection/rotation, however, it’s definitely something that I’d like to sample a few more times to determine that decision on a definite note. At this point, it’s not a fragrance that I would automatically wash off my wrist and never give a second thought to.

While I can tell you that it surprised me, and I liked it, I simply cannot begin to explain the actual smell. To classify it, I personally would call it a very mature and sophisticated floral, perhaps a slight floriental (but.. not really). The woodsiness wasn’t very present in my wearing experience, although I can slightly smell where the classification would stem from, especially in reaction to someone else’s pH balance that might bring those notes out more so that the floral notes that I experienced. In general, it wasn’t woody or spicy for me.

Also, call me crazy, but from what I remember of it (it’s been at least a good fifteen years since I’ve smelled it), this perfume totally reminds me of Exclamation. Remember that stuff?! I liked it then, and this reminds me of it somehow.


First sniff (bottle): B

First sniff (skin): B

Worn scent: B

Scent as compared to note(s): B

Bottle: D

Overall: B

On my skin, it wasn’t as spicy or woody as it was on Jax’s – so if you’re not a huge fan of spicy or woody fragrances, there may still be hope for you!


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Doesn’t perfume depend on your skin chemistry and taste? I guess I find it hard to believe perfume can be rated, but appreciate your words to describe the qualities and notes and draw me to try some new names. I used to sell perfume at the Chemist I worked in while studying at Uni and had training with Arpege. So I know I like change sometimes sweet floral, fruit and other times wood, spice. I love Magnifique for it’s ‘evening wear’ appeal, deep, sensual, exotic, warm not too sweet, not cheap or sickly, but unique, exotic and the men around me are ‘in love’ with it like the go crazy for “Lou Lou” (not that that matters I suppose?). Selling perfume is about selling an ‘image’ or ‘magic’ isn’t it but ulimately you like it on your skin or not. I love it but I do keep a perfume ‘wardrobe’ depending on the occasion.

Comment by Susan McKinnon

I just got this perfume and, before reading the comment above, thought it smelled just like Exclamation…If only it cost as little!

Comment by Laura


I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes that connection (Magnifique smelling like Exclamation). It brought back lots of memories. 🙂

If you’re at all interested, Exclamation is still available for purchase, rather inexpensively, online! I buy most of my fragrances from Fragrancenet, and highly recommend them. Here’s a direct link:

You could get it for anywhere from $7 to $16! Might be worth a shot. 🙂

– Rebecca

Comment by scentaddicts

Thanks Rebecca! I will definitely check that out.

Comment by Laura

you know i like fresh water floral and fruity scents (halloween, maxmara silk touch etc.) with some exceptions (escada magnetism) but i love this one! i am not a mature at all i’m 20 but i like this deep spice and sexy smell. i bought a 5ml mini and put it on my wrist few times a day and sniffed all the time till today i bought 1.7fl.oz bottle. I love the base notes most and i think that this is a perfume that gives you self confidence. Definitely using it you shouldn’t forget that it’s a very strong evening/occasion smell and shouldn’t wear it casual or spray more than 2times

Comment by migea

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