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CK One Summer (2008)
CK One Summer (2008)

CK One Summer (2008)

NOTES (as listed on watermelon, waterfall accord, watermint, cucumber, blonde woods.

The Summery colors of this bottle instantly drew me to wanting to sample this, plus I am indeed a fan of CK One (the original) as well as most limited edition Summer scents!

CLASSIFICATION: masculine, woodsy

AGE GROUP: mature


FORM: eau de toilette

I had first smelled CK One Summer ( 2008 ) in passing when I spotted the tester on the fragrance counter at Macy’s. I did a drive-by testing of it; I barely stopped as I picked up the bottle, sprayed it onto a tester paper, and smelled the nozzle. My first impression was that this would probably be something that I would really like whenever I had the chance to go back and sample it the right way. It just seemed like it was a cool, rather fresh, appropriately Summery fragrance.

Then I realized that CK One Summer is probably unisex, since the original CK One is. I realized that my first impression was that of a rather feminine fragrance… so I knew that I must have been mistaken. I went back to the fragrance counter today to look further into this. I sprayed it onto my wrist and immediately began sniffing to experience the immediate effect before the dry down. Even during that, it was a rather masculine scent. I never got the fresh, cool impression from my second testing of this scent. Once the fragrance began to sink in, I was left with a very woodsy smell, which, to me, was not feminine in the least bit – even to a girl who normally loves woodsy scents, I think this would be a bit more than expected.

Very occasionally after about an hour of wear, I would sniff my wrist again and catch a very, very slight impression of fruit, however, it would quickly disappear before I could even process what I was smelling. I suppose that would be the watermelon note. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for that watermelon note to be substantial, it is not. Despite the random “drive by fruiting” (props to Mrs. Doubtfire) that I experienced, I would not consider this fragrance fruity at all, so don’t expect it.

What this fragrance dries down to is a relatively basic woodsy scent, but very strong. I was quite surprised to see that this was an eau de toilette; the staying power is amazing. I’ve been wearing it for at least eight hours and it’s still going strong.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): B-

First sniff (skin): C

Worn scent: C

Scent as compared to note(s): B

Bottle: B (plain, but true to the CK One style, which I can appreciate; plus I love the colors)

Overall: C– (that’s two minus signs, by the way)

While I am not generally a fan of woodsy scents, I do prefer others over this particular fragrance (i.e. Ed Hardy for Women, Usher for Women).  I would only recommend this to a) men, b) women who really enjoy woodsy scents and aren’t intimidated by a strong, solid, relatively masculine fragrance.  I do not, despite the name, consider this a Summer fragrance at all (even for men).


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