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Jessica Simpson Fancy
Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

NOTES: sparkling pear, juicy apricot Nectar, red fruits, dewy gardenia, night blooming jasmine, toasted almonds, caramel, creamy sandalwood, amber crystals, vanilla crème

Fancy by Jessica Simpson debuts later this month, but if you are like me – the girl who just can’t wait – you can sample it in the September issue of Glamour magazine.

CLASSIFICATION: Slightly floriental, gourmand

AGE GROUP: College

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Vaguely reminiscent of Aquolina’s Pink Sugar

FORM: Eau de Toilette

I am not a fan of florientals, as most of you know, but I can say that Fancy isn’t that bad.

At first application, the fruity notes can be detected (although I can’t really pick out anything specifically – it’s more like a fruit medley), with a layer of “sweets”, such as caramel and vanilla. The dry down comes swiftly, and with it, the majority of the fruit medley from the opening fades.

T he result is a pleasant, sweet, and ultra-feminine floriental, with some strong underlying gourmand notes. The perfume reminds me vaguely of Pink Sugar, but unlike Pink Sugar, it is smells like a perfume, not just a piece of sweet candy that I rubbed on my wrist.

I was expecting something, well… “fancy”. Where it is not ultra-young, it is definitely not something that I would consider classy, such as Flowerbomb. It isn’t bad, however – I would probably wear this perfume before I would wear any other sweet Floriental.

The perfume is very long-lasting, especially for a magazine ad. Hours after application, I can still smell it, and it remains very consistent to the scent I first experienced after the initial dry down.

Despite the fact that this fragrance is relatively young, and not really that “fancy”, it is a world apart from Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty line. If you like one, you will not necessarily like the other, as Fancy is a bit more suitable for the older, more sophisticated young woman.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): B

First sniff (skin): B

Worn scent: B-

Scent as compared to note(s): A

Bottle: B+

Overall: B

A modern, young Floriental. Sweet, but not too sweet, Fancy is marketed for women ages 18-24, and can be worn as a casual, daytime fragrance year round.


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I can’t wait to get “Fancy”. I love Jessica & I love everything she puts out. She is the best!!

Comment by gwen

I was really surprised by it! Much better than I had originally expected.

Thanks for visiting!

Comment by scentaddicts

From the magazine ad, it smells JUST LIKE Pink Sugar.

Comment by Heather

I tried because it game on glamour magazine too!
And I was pleasantly surprised….
I might even buy some samples through ebay to get a better idea of it!

It didn’t last very long on my skin, as expected of magazine ads though!

Comment by Cynthia

Love the swirls and lacy patterns.
Reminds me of lacy stockings or a fancy mesh.

Comment by modernmixvancouver

[…] to Scent Addicts… they gave Fancy an overall B grade and said: “I was expecting something, well… […]

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I got this as a birthday gift, it smells great and lasts a long time!!!

Comment by rshear

I just bought “Fancy” yesterday and i have to say i love it!!! It reminds me of pink sugar, the Betsy Johnson perfume and a little bit like desert i needed a perfume that had a good after smell and it’s perfect! I love the lil gifts that come with the fragrance set too. I normally go for Paris Hilton or Britney when i pick a celebrity fragrance but this one caught me by suprise =) very happy with it.

Comment by Lindsey

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