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Escada Rockin’ Rio
Rockin Rio by Escada

Rockin' Rio by Escada

NOTES: Tangerine, Pineapple, Papaya, Piña Colada, Sugar Cane, Bush Peach, Dama de Noite, Sea Breeze, Coco Juice, Driftwood, Sandalwood, Powder of Musk

I recently added a sample vial of Rockin’ Rio to my latest order, solely for reviewing purposes. I have something against Escada, even though I like a lot of their scents. To me, most of their limited edition summer fragrances are extremely similar, and frankly, that doesn’t impress me much. I am a proud owner of Pacific Paradise, though, and a part of me just can’t give Escada up.

CLASSIFICATION: Fruity, feminine, tropical

AGE GROUP: College

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Vaguely reminiscent of other Escada fragrances

FORM: Eau de Toilette

It was love at first sight, so to speak, upon uncorking the “spill and pray” sample vial of Escada. I wanted to sample it immediately upon first sniff, but decided to wait for my shower. I was so excited! The smell of this perfume in bottle is so fruity, so tropical, so AWESOME. As I like to have a new perfume for when I take vacations, I immediately decided that Rockin’ Rio would be the “one” for my upcoming weekend getaway to Virginia Beach.

After my shower, I dressed in shorts and a cute Hawaii tee (to match the tropical theme) that has been sitting in a drawer of mine, totally prepared to put on the best fragrance I have sampled all year. I am not exaggerating, I was that excited.

I’m sure most of you can see where this is going, especially those of you that have read other reviews of mine.

On initial application to skin, Rockin’ Rio is even better (if at all possible) than on paper or straight from the vial. It is an explosion of juicy, tropical fruit, that is both fresh and highly feminine. Unlike other Escada scents, even my beloved Pacific Paradise, it is not too overpowering, or too sweet. What it is, unlike any other Escada scent, is absolutely perfect upon initial application.

Unfortunately, that’s where the fun ends. Within fifteen minutes, Rockin’ Rio is only a shell of its former glory. It is barely noticeable at all – I caught myself bringing my wrist up to my nose and inhaling deeply, only to catch the barest whiff of fragrance.

I was so utterly disappointed.

In an hour, there is next to no trace of Rockin’ Rio detectable on skin at all. After two hours, I can confirm that NOTHING can be smelled on my skin at all. Great for people that try it and hate it, but for me, I was crushed. I have never before encountered a perfume with such a terrible staying power. Especially not one that smells so heavenly! As a matter of fact, body sprays from Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works last much longer, which really says a lot for this Escada perfume.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): A+

First sniff (skin): A+

Worn scent: N/A!

Scent as compared to note(s): A+

Bottle: C-

Overall: C-

Although Rockin’ Rio opens as one of the best smelling fragrances I have ever sampled, it fades more quickly than any other perfume I have sampled. Only recommended to lovers of fruity, tropical scents that do not reapplying OFTEN throughout the day.


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