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Escada Island Kiss
Escada Island Kiss

Escada Island Kiss

NOTES (as listed on white flowers, magnolia, heavenly mango, passion flower, orange, passion fruit, sweet raspberry, white peach, hibiscus, delicate flowers, musk, sandalwood, white wood

I’m generally a fan of the limited edition Escada fragrances, so I plan on trying all of them. Island Kiss was next on my list!

CLASSIFICATION: Fresh, clean, feminine, slightly fruity

AGE GROUP: college / perfect for all ages


FORM: eau de toilette

So far, everything about Island Kiss has been impressive. The box may be the least important thing about a perfume, but damn is this one CUTE! The little lipstick kiss print in the corner.. adorable! The bottle, although the same design as all of their limited edition fragrances has been (except for, of course, the slightly revamped and modernized Escada Moon Sparkle – the latest in the series) exudes lighter, clearer colors which I enjoy more so than the exaggerated, bright colors of previous Escadas that I have tried. And my first whiff from my mini of Island Kiss was heavenly! I quickly poured it onto my wrist, eagerly awaiting the experience of the dried down scent.

To me, Island Kiss is a clean, fresh fragrance. Most of Escada’s limited edition fragrances are dominantly fruity, sometimes fruity/floral scents, so this one definitely caught me off guard – in a great way! Escada’s take on fresh is definitely one that I agree with. This is feminine, clean, and light. I would have no problem wearing it daily, and I almost immediately knew that I was going to add this to my heavy rotation. Although I have other fresh/clean fragrances, this definitely stands on it’s on two feet as a solid, unique scent.

I don’t really smell any fruit in particular, but I suppose it does have a bit of a fruitiness to it; I would not, however, describe this as a fruity fragrance whatsoever, but that’s just me. If anything, it’s a fresh floral fragrance, in my opinion. I’m very, very satisfied with this one.

Please note (no pun intended..), if the orange, raspberry, or peach notes stand out at you from the entire list, do not sample or purchase this fragrance just for those notes. This is an example where a fragrance is comprised of many notes but does not necessarily smell like any of those notes in particular; the smell of the notes as a whole creates a unique scent. Out of the list of notes, I would say to pay the most attention to the white wood, white flowers, and delicate flowers – those are the notes that I can vaguely make out. It’s just a generally good smell that you can’t really compare to everyday smells.

I would wear Island Kiss to work, around the house, running errands, on a date.. pretty much anywhere. Perhaps it’s not the best fit for a formal evening, but it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea in such an instance. Also, while most of the Escada fragrances are pretty much warm weather/Spring and Summer scents, Island Kiss is an all year rounder, or at least will be for me.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): A

First sniff (skin): A+

Worn scent: A

Scent as compared to note(s): B (so many fruity notes listed, yet to me, this is not a fruity fragrance)

Bottle: B- (although, out of the limited edition Escada bottles, this is one of my favorite color themes)

Overall: A

A lovely feminine, clean, fresh fragrance; I cannot wait to add this one to my collection! I recommend this to anyone looking for something light, breezy, feminine and versatile. If this makes sense, the color that I would associate this with would be white. Highly recommended!


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Is island kiss as sweet as pacific paradise?
Is the lasting power good?


Comment by Cynthia

Hey Cynthia!

It’s not as sweet as Pacific Paradise. I like Pacific Paradise, and I own it, but for me, sometimes it is TOO sweet. 🙂 Island Kiss is a more “fresh” smelling perfume, so the sweetness isn’t a huge contributing factor/concern on this one! (from Rebecca)

Comment by scentaddicts

I own pacific paradise too, I use to wear it on a daily basis when I was younger, but now it’s just Too sweet.

And being the only escada fragrance that I smelled(I also heard that they are famous from being too sweet), I was a little afraid of sampling it.

Thanks a lot 🙂

Comment by Cynthia

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