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Escada Sexy Graffiti
Escada Sexy Graffiti

Escada Sexy Graffiti

NOTES: Wild Strawberry, Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Blackcurrant, Muget, Red Peony, Violet, Cashmere Wood, Vanilla, Musk

Escada launched their limited edition summer scent, Sexy Graffiti, in 2002. Hailed as a young, fresh, and fruity fragrance, I took it upon myself to sample it. I do not have much luck when it comes to the Escada line, and that’s probably for the best; as most of their perfumes are limited edition, purchasing a full size bottle of one of their perfumes no longer in production may just set you back $100-$200.

CLASSIFICATION: Feminine, fruity, fresh

AGE GROUP: Perfect for anyone

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Escada Tropical Punch

FORM: Eau de Toilette

Not quite as bad as I expected, I can assure you. I have a problem with Escada perfumes, as the dry down on a lot of them are very similar, and not too appealing to me.

At first application, Sexy Graffiti is an intense fruity bouquet, where the top note of raspberry is most dominant. There is a hint of freshness that accompanies the fruit, which does remind me of some kind of shampoo or scented soap. A very pleasant smell, although puzzling… how is this supposed to be sexy? It’s fruity. Young. Vibrant. Clean/fresh. Definitely not sexy. Vetiver and musk are “sexy” – raspberry and wild strawberries usually aren’t. Not that I am complaining!

Yes, despite the reviews I had read claiming that Sexy Graffiti would be a light, fruity scent, I didn’t quite believe it. I have been experiencing way too many perfumes that are marketed horribly lately… and reviewed just as badly. Plus, with a name like Sexy Graffiti, I really didn’t know what to expect.

The dry down isn’t quite as bad as some of Escada’s other fragrances, which have a habit of slaying the top notes and happily turning into a weird, musky concoction. I can still smell a blend of fruit after the dry down, and the raspberry is still present. Although not quite as appealing as Tropical Punch by Escada, I start to notice some similarities in the dry down between the two fragrances.

After an hour or so of wear, Sexy Graffiti loses most of it’s sparkle, fading into a soft raspberry scent, reminiscent of something out of Bath & Body Works. I am just impressed Escada was able to create a perfume where you can smell the fruity notes for more than ten minutes, frankly.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): B+

First sniff (skin): B+

Worn scent: B

Scent as compared to note(s): A

Bottle: C

Overall: B

If this fragrance was still made by Escada, I would recommend it in a minute, as it is a relatively fun, fruity fragrance that is perfect for summer. Unfortunately, a full size bottle will cost you $80+ (unless you can find a good deal on eBay), and I really do not think this fragrance is worth that much. Save yourself a headache and buy a mini if you really want to try it. Unfortunately, Escada minis are of the SPILL AND PRAY variety, though. Good luck.


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