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Anna Sui Dolly Girl On The Beach
Dolly Girl On The Beach

Dolly Girl On The Beach

NOTES (as listed on mandarin orange, cassia, peach, apple, marigold, bergamot, lemon, freesia, lotus, rose, amber, musk, white woods

Couldn’t wait to try this! doesn’t even BEGIN to sum up how badly I wanted to smell Dolly Girl On The Beach, to cradle it in my arms and love it as if it had come directly from my womb (and, yeah, I’M JOKING to anyone who is laughing AT me and not WITH me). I F*&#ING KNEW IT! pretty much covers my reaction once I had inhaled my first whiff of this nose-tease fragrance.

CLASSIFICATION: unique, semi-spicy, very slightly citrusy

AGE GROUP: mature

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Dolly Girl (original)

FORM: eau de toilette

Yeah, I said it. Dolly Girl On The Beach is a definite nose-tease. This perfume walks around looking all awesome, being classified all “citrus, fruity, floral!” on every website where I read about it, coming in an adorable box, that insanely cute and unique bottle. Oh, and let’s not forget the “teen” age group classification that it was rated as in pretty much every review or write-up that I had read. So the classifications and age group recommendations aren’t quite Dolly Girl On The Beach’s fault, still, the other things are. And I’m annoyed.

I’m tired of being tricked into developing an interest for a fragrance by who it is marketed towards, only to have that go down the drain as I am foolishly proven wrong upon first sniff. I’m tired of bottles and boxes not bringing to mind the correct notes or “feel” of a fragrance. I’m tired of fragrances that, frankly, I will be wearing once I hit the big 8-0, being advertised as the perfect perfume for tweens. I can’t help but wonder – is it MY nose that’s all f’ed up? OR IS EVERYBODY ELSE CRAZY? I’ll never know.

Enough banter; I apologize for the temporary insanity that the whole damn Dolly Girl line has caused me (minus the enjoyable Lil’ Starlet, which we have also reviewed – click here to read about that one). Let me just say, that I knew this particular Dolly Girl blend was going to suck, probably harder than the others because of it’s youthful appeal (thank you to whoever the middle-aged or older male ad execs were who came up with that crap, but I guess it got the job done – you fooled a naive young woman who wishes upon stars and crossed her fingers that this would smell good, into blindly purchasing this putrid preparation). Now that my prediction has come true, I hope that I can at least prevent one of you out there from making the same mistake I did. Please, purchase in small sizes and sample this crap before you actually buy it (although it is damn near impossible to find samples – if that is the case for you, just don’t bother smelling it at all). You’ll thank me.

Dolly Girl On The Beach is pretty easy to sum up – it smells like cinnamon. Yep. Like Big Red gum. But instead of getting to chew the garbage, I get to wear it on my skin and smell like it. Score! It’s nice that cinnamon isn’t even listed as a note, though. Out of the notes that were listed (lots of pretty, feminine notes just waiting to make sweet love together atop a young woman’s skin), these are those of which I can sort of smell if I cross my eyes and squeeze my butt cheeks together: lemon. Yeah! That’s right! I can’t smell any of those other delicious notes, such as peach, apple, freesia.. I cannot continue as my heart is still not over the way that Dolly Girl On The Beach stood me up on our first date and sent in it’s place some rotten rendition of Red Hots. Their tag line should have been If you like lemon and cinnamon, you’ll LOVE DG On The Beach, all Designer Imposters-style.

This fragrance isn’t really feminine, it isn’t Summery, it isn’t beachy (sigh), it isn’t… good. Save your money, I beg of you. That means a lot coming from a scent addict such as myself who also happens to have an amazing knack for blowing cash.

Some quick stats: the staying power is pretty good – I can still smell it on my wrist. The only good thing about this fragrance (besides the bottle) is that after about eight or more hours of wear, it has faded so much on your skin that the cinnamon factor is fairly non-existent and all that you can really smell is the lemon. Regarding consistency, this smells just as nasty from the bottle as it does on your skin.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): D-

First sniff (skin): D-

Worn scent: D-

Staying power: A-

Scent as compared to note(s): D- (cinnamon?)

Bottle: A++

Overall: D– (two minus signs, friends)

In closing, I’d like to apologize for such a harsh review; I only felt that it was worthy of such as a result of the sheer disappointment created from falsely generated buzz amongst other supposed perfume lovers, coupled with the young-ish marketing of this fragrance. I really do apologize if you are a fan of this perfume – more power to you, and I’m actually jealous, since you get to proudly display this adorable bottle in your collection of perfumes.

I would only recommend Dolly Girl On The Beach to fans of strong scents. Also, you must love cinnamon, odd citrus concoctions, and long walks off of short piers (ha, ha) to be even remotely attracted to this gem. If you’re expecting a Summery, feminine, flirty, beachy, tropical… etc… scent – this is not what you’re looking for AT ALL.

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Cool review, you may post review at fragrantica and thousands and thousands people may read it.

Comment by zoka

[…] it. Second sniff – absolutely hated it and thought it smelled just like Dolly Girl On The Beach (you can read that review here). First application on skin – terrible, couldn’t stand it. Second application on skin – eh, […]

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Ok. I was totally shocked when I read the reviews for Dolly girl on the beach. First and foremost I am in love with the dolly girl in the pink bottle and the dolly girl on the beach. There has not been one time that I have been out and not been complimented on this fragrance, I dont know maybe its an age preference (im 25). Anyway I get soo many compliments and I love the smell and I feel incredibly good when I smell it on myself. Also I dont agree that it smells like cinnamon whatsoever. It is a wonderful fragrance, kinda smells like D&G light blue.

Comment by Eva


Different strokes for different noses is all I can say here. My body chemistry/skin just must not work well with this fragrance. 😦

Believe me.. I wanted to love it. Really bad. I’m glad that you enjoy it so much!

– Rebecca

Comment by scentaddicts

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