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Paris Hilton Heiress
Paris Hilton Heiress

Paris Hilton Heiress

NOTES: passion fruit, orange, peach granita, champagne mimosa, star jasmine, tiare flower, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, dewberry blossom, grenadine, violet leaf, vetiver, tonka, blonde woods

All celebrity jokes aside, the original Paris Hilton fragrance is one of my favorite perfumes, ever. I took it upon myself to sample her collection, and Heiress was the second fragrance I purchased in her line. While I was not nearly as impressed with Heiress, I wasn’t terribly disappointed, either.

CLASSIFICATION: Flirty, fruity, floral, sweet

AGE GROUP: Teen / College


FORM: Eau de Toilette

I highly don’t recommend sampling this product straight from the bottle, as I originally did. It was too sweet, too girlie, and too synthetic… even for me, a lover of all things fruity and girlie. In fact, I had a strong urge to wrap up this purchase as best as I could, and run to the hills with it (aka TJ Maxx, to take it back).

I decided to be more open-minded, and sprayed Heiress on my wrist, with my eyes tightly closed. After the immediate opening, Heiress wasn’t nearly as sweet as I had first sampled. In fact, it wasn’t bad at all.

The scent is very girlie, flirty, and “pink” (as the color is now a very descriptive adjective, in case you were unaware). It is both fruity and floral, but there is no flower or fruit I can even come close to identifying, hence the synthetic smell. I do smell bubblegum in this fragrance, which is the only note I can truly identify.

The staying power isn’t bad – I was expecting to be disappointed from the other reviews I have read, but it lasted quite a long time on my skin. It was also consistent, in that I smelled like bubble gum all day.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): C-

First sniff (skin): B

Worn scent: B

Staying power: A

Scent as compared to note(s): B-

Bottle: C

Overall: B-

Although definitely not one of my favorite fragrances by any means, it is not bad for what it is, which is a summery fragrance aimed at girls 13-20.


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