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Absolutely Givenchy for Women
Absolutely Givenchy

Absolutely Givenchy

NOTES: Apple, Passion Fruit, Sweet Pea, Musky Woods

I purchased a mini of this scent from during their last free shipping (no minimum purchase required) sale. I had absolutely no opinion on what kind of scent I would be receiving, as I had never actually read any kind of review. Has anyone ever tried this?

CLASSIFICATION: fresh, with a fruity opening, and a floral heart

AGE GROUP: Perfect for any age

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Slightly similar to Secret Wish by Ana Sui

FORM: Eau de Toilette

The opening is wonderful. At first application (damn those pour-on minis!), I experienced a blast of freshness that immediately reminded me of Secret Wish by Ana Sui. The apple and passion fruit notes are distinguishable, but very light; the wearer is not overpowered by fruits. A very pleasant opening indeed.

I was a little less impressed by the heart of sweet pea. I never really cared too much for sweet pea, as I find it to be an odd combination of sweet and slightly old-fashioned. However, the blast of freshness that I described from the opening never really fades, and saves the sweet pea from being too much.

Although I can smell fruity notes and floral notes in this fragrance, they are very light, and it is a little difficult to classify this as a fruity floral. If anything, “fresh, light, feminine” would be my description; this perfume is just so perfect to apply right out of the shower, in preparation of a laid-back, casual day.

The lasting power of the fragrance is about average, so it may be necessary to re-apply once throughout the day.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): B

First sniff (skin): A-

Worn scent: B-

Staying power: B-

Scent as compared to note(s): A

Bottle: B

Overall: B

Perfect for any woman looking for a light, fresh summer fragrance (with slight fruity and floral undertones). Personally, I plan on a wearing this perfume at least a few more times to get a nice, solid opinion on it, as I really enjoyed it when I tested it. At this point I don’t plan on purchasing a full size bottle to add to my collection, because although it is a very pleasant perfume that I do enjoy, it is not very unique in the perfume world.


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