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NOTES (as listed on musk, sandalwood, passion fruit, white apricot, bergamot, tahitian vanilla

Yet another good ol’ impulse buy, the cute pink box of XOXO was what really drew me to it. I knew nothing of this fragrance, having never read reviews, and there not being a tester where I bought it (it was purchased at the same time as my Roxy Love; see two entries back from this one).

CLASSIFICATION: clean, unique, very slightly flowery/floral

AGE GROUP: college


FORM: eau de parfum

I wasn’t sure of what to expect from XOXO at all, so needless to say I ripped into the package almost right away. Upon sniffing the nozzle of XOXO, I thought it was going to be love at first site, and I was surprised. I wasn’t expecting to love XOXO, but it was something that I had to smell just to say that I did.

The first sniff was a unique, somewhat fruity experience. I couldn’t wait to try it on my skin, but when I did, it was quite different from what I had originally thought it would be. The scent was a bit harsh in an odd way, and wasn’t as fruity as I’d expected from my previous whiff. It wasn’t as feminine as I had originally gathered, either. At that point, I was already greatly disappointed. Patiently, though, I waited it out to see how it would settle into my skin.

End result: surprisingly pleasing. While this won’t be a fragrance in my heavy rotation, I will definitely wear this from time to time, as long as I’m in the proper mood for it. Still, describing this fragrance is complex, and although I like it, it’s quite an odd scent. Is it feminine? Somewhat, but not enough to classify it as such (at least in my opinion). Is it fruity? Not really. Is it floral? Again, not really.. but more so floral than fruity. It’s a bit of a clean (not fresh – clean – I’ll say it again.. to me, there’s a difference) scent. When I smell it on my wrist, it’s a smell I associate with cleanliness. It’s not really “fun,” it’s not really flirty, it’s not really this or that. It’s very hard to describe in great detail. Perhaps a bit cheap, but it’s not so terrible that I’d never spray it anywhere near myself again.

The consistency of this perfume was very lacking, although that’s not a bad thing. Some of the best perfumes out there change smells quite a few times before finally settling down. This was very strong when first applied, but after having a few moments to calm down, it settled into a calmer, non-imposing scent. One thing this perfume definitely does have is staying power. It lasted me all day long.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): B-

First sniff (skin): C

Worn scent: B-

Staying power: A+

Scent as compared to note(s): B

Bottle: B-

Overall: C+

Perhaps not something I would have bought had I gotten to smell it beforehand, it’s not necessarily something that I regret purchasing. I will definitely wear this on casual days when I feel like giving my normal perfumes a rest. I would only recommend purchasing it if you can sample it first; this is a unique “clean” scent that may not be very pleasing to all noses.


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