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Roxy Love

NOTES (as listed on green tea leaves, lime, yuzu, tangerine, petitgrain lime, grenade, peony, freesia, bahia orchid, floated wood accord, musk, cedarwood

Roxy Love

The summery colors of the bottle, along with the Roxy name, caused this impulse buy of mine. I had never read any reviews, and there was no tester, so I was in for a surprise (whether it was a good one or a bad one)!

CLASSIFICATION: unisex, watery

AGE GROUP: perfect for anyone

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Anna Sui Secret Wish, CK One

FORM: eau de toilette

Roxy Love was a hurried, impulsive decision. From the appearance of the bottle (summery, young, fresh colors and a simplistic yet pleasing design) I figured chances would be that I’d enjoy it. While I didn’t particularly enjoy it, this is a fragrance that I’m glad I got the chance to smell on myself. It’s not a bad perfume by any means, just perhaps not my cup of tea.

Roxy Love definitely accomplished what it was aiming for – to be a light marine fragrance with a general breeziness to it. The scent is very simple, but for this fragrance, that’s a good thing. This is the type of fragrance that you would wear to the beach, on the boat, or anywhere on a casual, sunny day. Usually I’m pretty lenient in my season assignments to fragrances, but not this time. Roxy Love should be worn pretty much only during the summer, unless it’s a brisk winter and you want to be reminded of better days.

This perfume is a bit androgynous to me; it reminds me of CK One (but I prefer CK One over this). When sniffed straight from the bottle, it definitely seems a bit more masculine than it really is once applied to skin. Once on the skin, it turns slightly more feminine (although, overall, this is not a particularly feminine scent), soft, and fun. It also reminds me of Anna Sui’s Secret Wish (but, again, I prefer Secret Wish over this). Secret Wish has a bit of an upper hand up against Roxy Love because it has an ever so slight hint of fruitiness (again, EVER so slight) and is much more feminine from the get go.

When I first applied Roxy Love, I smelled an intense wave of lemon-lime, but as odd as this may sound, other than that it wasn’t really citrusy. Once it finally settled down, the lemon-lime aspect wasn’t as strong and it definitely turned into more of a marine scent. Overall, this is not a strong scent; staying power is average. It is pretty harmless, non-offensive, and consistently light regardless of how the notes may have shifted throughout the day.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): C-

First sniff (skin): C+

Worn scent: C+

Staying power: C

Scent as compared to note(s): A

Bottle: A-

Overall: C

If you enjoy marine-type fragrances, or softer unisex fragrances (such as CK One), this fragrance might be worth a shot.


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