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True Blue Spa Tahiti Sweetie Body Lotion
July 20, 2008, 1:32 am
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True Blue Spa Tahiti Sweetie

True Blue Spa Tahiti Sweetie Body Lotion

True Blue Spa Tahiti Sweetie Body Lotion (and also Be More Pacific Shower Cream), available at Bath & Body Works.

From Need an escape but can’t get away? Or maybe you just got back from the perfect island spa and wish you were still there. Your best remedy? Tahiti, Sweetie Body Lotion with Tahitian Monoi, an island secret used for centuries for its mysterious moisturizing effects. This exotic blend combines coconut oil and the Tiare flower to produce a daily indulgence for dry, tired skin.

CLASSIFICATION: Very tropical, fresh

AGE GROUP: college


FORM: Body Lotion and Shower Cream

I am not a fan of many Bath & Body Works scents, so I was very leery of even entering the store despite the fact that I had a $25 gift card in my wallet. It seems as though every time I find a scent I like while browsing their vast array of lotions, perfumes, and cleansers, I take it home only to realize that I made a horrible mistake.

Be More Pacific Shower Cream

I was very pleasantly surprised when I got home with this product. Instead of the usual dislike I feel for Bath & Body Works products after I have had ample time to acquaint myself with their scents, I was instantly addicted.

Both the shower cream and the body lotion are the same scent, despite the difference in names. The fragrance is light, fruity, tropical, and fun-spirited. The shower cream and body lotion take me back to my last beach vacation in Florida, and to the memories of walking barefoot in the sand along the ocean.

Both products, in addition to smelling wonderfully, are of excellent quality. The shower cream rinses away and leaves skin baby soft, while the lotion absorbs into the skin, hydrating even the roughest spots.

(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): A

First sniff (skin): A

Worn scent: A

Staying power: N/A (In my experience, shower and lotion products do not really last on skin).

Scent as compared to note(s): A

Bottle: N/A

Overall: A

I recommend these two products to anyone wanting a joyful, tropical scent that is prepared to spend a little too much money on them; both products cost $15 USD. My only complaint is that Bath & Body Works / True Blue Spa needs to develop a perfume or body spray at the very least to match the lotion and shower cream, as I would really like to smell this scent on my skin throughout the day.


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Isn’t there some kind of magical ferimone type thing I can wear that will make all the ladies entirely unable to resist me?

Comment by Pat

Yes – it’s called deodorant. 😉

Comment by scentaddicts

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