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[Baby Phat] Fabulosity


NOTES (as listed on juicy plum, orange blossom, tiger lily, Chinese osmanthus, coconut milk, purple violet, Tasmanian honey, patchouli, amber, vanilla

Having been relatively satisfied with Kimora Lee Simmons’s first fragrance (Baby Phat Goddess), my interest was piqued when I heard of Fabulosity.


AGE GROUP: mature


FORM: eau de parfum

I’m not sure why, but I expected Fabulosity to be, without reading the notes, an ultra-feminine, glamorous fragrance, but I wasn’t sure if she was going to draw the femininity from fruity notes or floral notes. I was wrong to assume that either of those types of notes would be utilized in this fragrance. I was wrong to assume it would be a very fruity or floral fragrance at all. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking. What it turned out to be, was a woodsy scent with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in, or so it seems from the notes listed.

I had read other reviews of Fabulosity in which several perfume “connoisseurs” complained that it was too sweet, with too much of a grape scent to it. Specifically, I had read from several different people that it reminded them of “grape Kool-Aid.” Either something is wrong with their noses, or mine is damaged beyond repair, because I smelled not one hint of grape throughout my whole wearing experience of Fabulosity. In addition, within these same reviews, I had read that it was overwhelmingly sweet, with a vanilla-like aspect. Again, I did not smell anything like that when sampling this perfume. I wish I did, though.

What I did experience was a rather boring woodsy fragrance. It was consistent alright – stayed the same from the moment of application to when it had finally worn off completely – but it was also boring. While I am generally a fan of consistency (no surprises!), it was a disappointment at how well Fabulosity did in this category – only because of the astounding amount of notes it boasts. I kept wondering to myself – when am I going to experience the juicy plum, the vanilla, the orange blossom? And it never happened, despite patiently waiting in anticipation. I was really hoping that after the top note(s) died down, perhaps it would then pop with all of these other intriguing contributors, but instead, the initial woodsy sent remained while all of the other exciting prospects were still sleeping.

I’m not even sure which note(s) it is that causes me to classify it as woodsy – most likely the patchouli (which, unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of in general, let alone in my perfume). It would have been nice to have smelled at least a couple of the other notes before finally giving up on this one.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): C-

First sniff (skin): D

Worn scent: D

Staying power: C+

Scent as compared to note(s): D

Bottle: B- (while I enjoyed the idea of a diamond as a perfume bottle, for some reason it annoys me that it has to “sit” on it’s nozzle when not in use.. plus, okay, it IS a little tacky/gaudy)

Overall: D

For a scent that was supposed to have so many facets, and contain so many notes, this one really fell flat for me. I would only recommend it to those looking for a simplistic woodsy scent.


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It is alright but it is not my favorite by Kimora I bought it because the gift set was so pretty like eye candy and I couldn’t stop staring at the pretty purple glitter trasure box and I had to buy it! That was months ago and my bottle of Fabulosity is sitting still 96% full! I do like the scent but I prefer her golden perfume to this.It smells like a grape alcoholic drink like alize or boonsfarm or something.

Comment by Dmarie

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