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Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy
Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy

NOTES (as listed on black cherry, raspberry, plum, iris, night blooming orchid, freesia, vanilla, amber, musk

I must warn you that this is my absolute favorite fragrance, hands down. I will try to write this review as constructively as possible, but if it just comes across as me proverbially gazing starry-eyed into the beautiful bottle of this delicious parfume extraordinaire, then… sorry.


AGE GROUP: perfect for all ages


FORM: eau de parfum

Ahh, where to begin? While I wasn’t always a fan of Miss Spears (to be brutally, and shamefully, honest – I used to despise her), I am definitely a fan now. I simply adore her in regards to all of her facets – appearance, style, music – but most particularly – her perfume. Ever since becoming addicted to scents, I was on a mission to find my ideal perfume (flirty, fun, not too serious but not too childlike, ageless, fruity, feminine). Every “fruity” scent that I had sampled had failed me for one reason or another – it turns too musky, it’s not fruity enough from the beginning, it doesn’t last long enough, it doesn’t smell fruity at all, it’s TOO fruity, etc. I thought I would never find the equivalent of my soulmate in perfume form.

I was wrong! My memory is foggy in regards to how and why I actually smelled this for the first time. All I know is that I’m not particularly a fan of Fantasy (which came out first), so I had assumed that I would not be a fan of the second installment, Midnight Fantasy. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Where Fantasy is a gourmand-type (which I am not generally a fan of) perfume, Midnight Fantasy smells nothing like overpowered vanilla, seizure-enducing amounts or carmel, or a church bake sale (not to say that the original Fantasy DOES – but this is typically what I encounter when I sample a gourmand perfume).

Midnight Fantasy is fruity, and candy-like, but not to the point where it smells like a children’s perfume. Whatever it contains evens out the young fun-ness of the scent so that it can be worn by women of all ages and not come across as trying too hard to be youthful (as some fruity-type perfumes can). While indeed a sugary scent, it is not intensely sweet to the point where it will cause headaches or gagging if you get too strong of a whiff. On me, this scent does not go on too heavily, nor does it go on too light (I don’t have to bathe in it to smell it on myself). While re-application is not necessary, this is the only perfume of mine that I reapply throughout the day in small doses, simply because I want to refreshen the scent. It’s a very energizing, happy scent for me.

The fragrance itself, although quite easily pegged as fruity, is not as easy to explain. When I smell Midnight Fantasy, I smell an orangey-ness, a slight bit of grapey-ness (please forgive my deliberate use of non-existent words) , a little sweet sugar, and fruitiness in general. Now, if you don’t like orange or don’t like grape but thought that you may have wanted to sample this scent, by all means – sample it. Amongst all of my friends who I have discussed this perfume with, all of us smell different fruits and candy scents when we wear it on ourselves. While the scent matches what I smell in the bottle when I wear it, and is consistent in that aspect, different noses smell different notes. While this is a possibility with any perfume, I have noticed it the most with Midnight Fantasy. As a side note, hearing the name Midnight Fantasy made me automatically assume that this fragrance would be “sensual,” aka spicy/woodsy. It is not either of those things in the least bit.

While Midnight Fantasy is indeed probably best suited for Spring and Summer, I also enjoyed it in the Winter. Despite the bitter cold, I enjoyed inhaling Midnight Fantasy while shoveling four feet of snow from my driveway; it made me think of better days. For me, Midnight Fantasy is definitely a picker-upper – it definitely enhances my mood. Perhaps a huge contributing factor to that is the consistency and staying power of this perfume – both were excellent. On my skin, this scent doesn’t change at all, and it lasts for a while.

Honestly, I have no complaints about Midnight Fantasy. The only reason I would not recommend it to you is if you’re not a fan of fruity, sweet scents – if that is the case, this one’s definitely not for you. If you seek fruity perfumes (or are open to a wide array of scents) I HIGHLY recommend Midnight Fantasy.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): A+

First sniff (skin): A+

Worn scent: A+

Staying power: A

Scent as compared to note(s): A+

Bottle: A+

Overall: A++

Perfect for all ages, as long as you’re young at heart. I highly recommend Midnight Fantasy if you’re currently seeking a happy, fun, flirty, fruity fragrance. My absolute favorite scent, hands down.


AGE GROUP: teen/college


FORM: eau de parfum

I first smelled this scent directly on Rebecca, and really liked it on her. Although I didn’t pay close attention to the notes, I did know that I enjoyed it immensely, and that it was fun, flirty, and perfect for summer. I decided to buy it for my upcoming Florida beach vacation, as I always like to have a new fragrance to wear on vacation.

This scent smells the same to me no matter what – once I purchased it and smelled it again on paper and on myself, I could remember distinctly that it smelled the same on Rebecca. Interestingly enough, although it smelled the same to me no matter how/where I smelled it, or who I smelled it on, I smell something considerably different than Rebecca smells; Rebecca mentioned this phenomenon in her review.

To me, Midnight Fantasy smells almost exactly like (grape) Fruit Loops. Strange, because the idea of rubbing crushed Fruit Loops on myself to create a scent is not appealing to me at all, but I do really enjoy Midnight Fantasy. I think that part of the appeal about Midnight Fantasy is that I like something about it that I just cannot place. If Britney was trying to create a mysterious fragrance, she has definitely succeeded where many others have failed.

The staying power of this perfume is decent (although not the very best), and notes do not fade anytime after application. On paper, on skin, on someone else, what you see is what you get with this fragrance.

First sniff (bottle): A

First sniff (skin): A

Worn scent: A

Staying power: B+

Scent as compared to note(s): C-

Bottle: B+

Overall: A

Midnight Fantasy is a lovely, charming, and as mentioned earlier in my review, mysterious fragrance perfect for young women. Highly recommended for casual wear in the spring and summer months. Do not let my Fruit Loop comparison put you off – try it, everyone smells something different!


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love this smell! I own a 50ml bottle. But i was a bit scared/regretfull when i found that the grape/SUGAR smell wouldnt tone down.. The smell di not chnage. However when you first spray it it smell too sugary.. then after about 10 mins it smells better 🙂 6/10.. i like davidoff coolwater !

Comment by jackie d

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