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Britney Spears Curious
Britney Spears Curious

Britney Spears Curious

NOTES (as listed on tuberose, magnolia, sandalwood, vanilla infused musk, pear, and jasmine.

I was curious to smell Curious by Britney Spears again (excuse the terrible pun); I had sampled her debut perfume when it first came out, and ruled it out right away. However, I saw a roll-on scent stick when shopping for perfumes today that was ultra-cheap, and couldn’t resist.

CLASSIFICATION: floral, feminine

AGE GROUP: perfect for anyone / mature


FORM: Perfumed Shimmer Stick

Although not nearly as bad as I remember from a few years ago, Curious is definitely not my style. The scent is distinct and flowery, and quite feminine, yet the magnolia note makes the scent much more mature than something I would normally wear.

When first applied, Curious has a very fresh and appealing opening, yet it unfortunately fades rather quickly. I am sure that this probably has something to do with the form of fragrance I sampled (perfumed shimmer stick). Once the opening fades, the fragrance is all magnolia and whimsy. Not unpleasant, but just not something I prefer to wear on a daily basis. I cannot smell pear or “vanilla infused musk” in this perfume; had I been able to smell those two notes, I really think Curious would have been much more interesting.

(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): B

First sniff (skin): B

Worn scent: C

Staying power: B

Scent as compared to note(s): B

Bottle: N/A

Overall: C

I plan on keeping Curious around for a rainy day, but I don’t plan on wearing it again anytime soon. I would, however, recommend it to anyone looking for a slightly more mature floral fragrance for those that do usually buy perfumes marketed for the 18-24 age bracket.

CLASSIFICATION: clean, slightly feminine

AGE GROUP: college, mature

SIMILAR SCENT(s): Ralph Lauren Blue

FORM: eau de parfum

I remember when this first came out. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and while it’s not one of my absolute favorite perfumes and in heavy rotation, I was pleasantly surprised. Judging from the name on it (Britney – personally, I love her), I figured it would be very pop, very young, very energetic, very flirty. I was wrong on all counts.

Britney’s debut perfume is, surprisingly, a bit more grown-up than one would assume prior to smelling it. Is this a problem? Not at all. Just caught me a bit off guard, is all. While I don’t have anything against Curious, and no real complaints, I also don’t really have anything entirely wonderful to say about it. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve worn it proudly, and it still adorns my vanity with some of my favorite perfumes, but it’s definitely not one of my “big dogs” and it will probably never see a day in my heavy/regular rotation. Does that mean that it’s a bad fragrance? No! Just that my cup of tea lies in fragrances that are a bit lighter, a bit fresher.

Upon reading Jackie’s review, I was a bit surprised. To me, Curious smells like Ralph Lauren Blue (and please – compare this review to , you’ll see that they are very, very similar), which to me it seemed Jackie was a bit more apt to defend. Perhaps to her nose, they smell nothing alike (she and I have a history of enjoying the same fragrances, but disagreeing on their specifics – i.e. what other perfumes they smell like, what classification they would be, etc), but, buyer beware! If you weren’t all that impressed with, or currently already own Ralph Lauren Blue, it is my opinion that sampling or purchasing Britney Spears Curious would just be a waste of time. Had I realized how similar these scents were (to my nose), I would have never purchased the small bottle of Blue that I did, since I already owned Curious. Just a precautionary word to the wise.

The fragrant qualities of Curious are pretty simplistic (again, at least when being sniffed by my nose). Slightly feminine, slighty clean, slightly (to borrow the word from my Blue review) colorless. It’s a good scent to wear around the house, doing errands, on a casual lunch with girlfriends… but if you’re looking to make a lasting impression, skip Curious and go for something with a little more kick. This one is laid back and pretty much goes with the flow, taking a back seat and not really captivating the wearer or her “audience,” so to speak. I’ve never once worn Curious and received a compliment or been asked what I was wearing; not that this is the deal maker or breaker when it comes to my perfumes, but what with my scent obsession and ever-revolving perfume choices, what I wear is often a topic of discussion when I’m amongst my female friends and co-workers. Never once did Curious demand attention from any of them.

Again, is this is a bad thing? No, not at all. In regards to what Curious actually SMELLS like, I really can’t put my finger on it. Floral, I suppose, would be the best way to sum it up. Although I would agree that this is feminine, it’s not as feminine as most fragrances that I classify as such. On me, the scent doesn’t really change from first smell from the bottle to the smell on my skin after hours of wear. Major points for staying power, though – I can just sniff Curious from it’s bottle (not even applying any to my skin), and smell it moments later when I’m nowhere near it anymore. At least for me, it’s definitely a lingerer.

First sniff (bottle): B

First sniff (skin): B

Worn scent: C

Staying power: A++

Scent as compared to note(s): B

Bottle: A++ (although I didn’t really discuss it in my review, this is one of my favorite perfume bottle designs ever)

Overall: C+

Not something I wear often, it’s still a nice break from my normal scents. I would recommend this perfume for casual wear during any season (but for some reason I mostly associate it with Autumn).


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