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Hilary Duff Wrapped With Love
Hillary Duff Wrapped With Love

Hillary Duff Wrapped With Love

NOTES (as listed on apple souffle, dewberry, mango pulp, freesia petals, watery muguet, linden blossom, warm amber, sensual musks, tonka bean, vanilla pudding

I was out shopping when I spotted this fragrance, and from the appearance on the box and bottle (young, flirtacious, and energizing was the impression that I personally drew from them), I made a rash decision to purchase it. Sometimes it’s these types of perfume purchases that are the most satisfying (pleasantly surprising), but then again.. sometimes it’s not (regretfully inappropriate).

CLASSIFICATION: slightly fruity, slightly feminine, slightly musky

AGE GROUP: college


FORM: eau de parfume

I really, really, really wanted to like this perfume. I was able to smell a tester-sprayed card at the store from which I purchased it, but we all know, that can be much different than on the skin. I was, of course, very leery of this fragrance – for several reasons. First, upon smelling the tester, I liked what I smelled, but I definitely got a [Britney Spears] Fantasy vibe from it (which for me, was a bad thing; unfortunately Fantasy is not one of my favs). Another reason that I was leery was because I called a friend and had her look the notes up online for me. While some of them impressed me (mango, freesia, apple), others didn’t (sensual musks, vanilla pudding). The combination of both made me very nervous as to what to expect on my skin.

Upon applying it once I got home and washed off the perfume that I had been wearing while shopping, I was VERY pleasantly relieved upon first spray. This was fun! feminine! kinda fruity! young! However, after a short while, those characteristics faded away and left me with a thick (although still feminine) dessert-y (dare I say – gourmand) type of scent. In perfumes, anything noted as “sensual” scares me, and Wrapped With Love ended up scaring me a bit. However, it wasn’t an insanely dramatic transition – I could still smell a little bit of what I first liked.. but it was harder to discern the desirable (for me) scents from the not-so-desirable scents. It wasn’t the perfume it started out as, and that made me sad.

I know that pefumes need to have a “heavier” mix of base notes, and that not everything can be fruity and light – but I’ve experienced plenty of perfumes that find a happy medium. For me, Wrapped With Love didn’t. Once the lovely top notes started to fade, the bottom and longer lasting notes were not of interest to me. While I wasn’t completely repulsed by the overall scent, I couldn’t see myself adding it to my heavy rotation, and because of that, wouldn’t want to add this scent to my permanent collection. ‘Tis a damn shame, too, as this is probably my favorite bottle out of all of the perfumes I’ve tried.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): B

First sniff (skin): A

Worn scent: C

Staying power: B-

Scent as compared to note(s): B

Bottle: A+

Overall: C+

While I would normally still wear this a few more times before making a definite “never wear again” decision, I have mailed it to a friend. It is currently not missed, but perhaps I’ll spray it on again someday in passing, just to double-check that I don’t particularly care for it. While it’s not a perfume that I absolutely hate, it’s not one that I really ever gave a second thought to (other than the adorable bottle).

CLASSIFICATION: gourmand (white chocolate?), slightly musky

AGE GROUP: college / perfect for anyone


FORM: eau de parfum

I was looking forward to this perfume as soon as I saw the ad. Of course, when it comes to perfumes, I always end up buying the wrong one. I purchased With Love originally, and after experiencing a brief bout of severe disappointment, I quickly sold it on eBay.

Below is description of Wrapped With Love as written on the perfume advertisement:

“Reminiscent of Hilary’s favorite things, the fragrance offers up an absolutely irresistible white chocolate mousse note, wrapped in a combination of milk and vanilla beans…..
…highlighted by sun-kissed raspberries. Hilary radiates youthful energy, so hints of citrus are paired with iced honeydew and delicate floral notes.

The notes in Wrapped With Love were inspired by Hilary’s fun and flirtatious side. The result is a delectable fragrance with a signature scent — a soft background showcasing sweet notes.”

I tried Fantasy by Britney Spears (again, on accident… I meant to purchase Midnight Fantasy), and wanted so much to like it. I wore it to my previous job, and received more compliments than on any other perfume I have ever owned, but I could just not connect with it. As a result, I found myself steering clear of gourmand scents, as Fantasy seemed to be the best of that type. Although apparently, gourmand likes me.

To me, the Wrapped With Love opening is a very appealing (here’s that word again!) gourmand scent, most-likely of the white chocolate mousse. I may smell a hint of fruit, and definitely some vanilla, but the white chocolate dominates my senses. Instead of being scared and running for the hills as I would have expected, however, I find myself really enjoying it.

The scent is not as potent as I would expect an Eau de Parfum to be, unfortunately, and after a couple hours, I do begin to smell musk. Despite that, the original scent is still discernible, so although re-application may be necessary for me, it is still very wearable.

First sniff (bottle): A

First sniff (skin): A

Worn scent: B

Staying power: B-

Scent as compared to note(s): A (the scent is very close to how it is described on the original marketing ad)

Bottle: A+

Overall: A-

I’d recommend Wrapped With Love to anyone that enjoyed Fantasy by Britney Spears, as I feel it is a major improvement over that particular fragrance.


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