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Moschino Funny!

NOTES (as listed on bitter orange, pink pepper, red currant, green tea, jasmine, peony, violet, cedarwood, amber, moss musks

Moschino Funny!

Moschino Funny!

I first came across Moschino Funny! on and instantly became interested in smelling it. Wherever I went, however (including Nordstrom’s), I was unable to find it. With my anticipation growing more and more, I finally ordered samples. My excitement quickly turned to fear as I opened the fateful vial…

CLASSIFICATION: spicy, woodsy, masculine

AGE GROUP: mature


FORM: eau de toilette

I wanted to smell Moschino Funny! because I had read the following (from

Moschino Funny! is a delicious playful fragrance, energizing and audacious, radiant and stimulating. A floral accord tinted with fruity accents, which blends charm and vitality, tenderness and spontaneity.

Playful? Maybe to a lumberjack. Energizing? Depends on your definition – it makes me run to the sink to wash it off, that’s for sure. Audacious – the only fitting word out of the whole description. Floral? Nope. Fruit accents? Yeah, I guess that bitter orange is considered fruit, but still – not what I’d expect out of a perfume with fruit accents. Charm? Tenderness? I definitely did a double take at the name on the vial that I smelled after re-reading the above, and yes, it was indeed Moschino Funny! that I had smelled. Granted, I should have paid closer attention to the notes than the “reviews,” and next time I will.

The only thing funny is that this is marketed as a women’s scent. It was so masculine and overpowering, that as soon as I simply OPENED the vial, my fiance immediately freaked out telling me to wash off whatever I just sprayed on myself, because it’s hideous (keep in mind – I hadn’t even sprayed it). To me, this fragrance was way too powerful and overbearing. I was very surprised to discover that it is an eau de toilette (instead of eau de parfume), because I simply cannot imagine a heavier, richer version.

Although obviously unimpressed from the beginning, I still decided to give it the old college try. I applied to my skin and continued re-sniffing to see if the results ever improved. While the originally horrifyingly masculine odor dissipated slightly, what remained still was not what Moschino had promised in their marketing of this scent. It was still a very strong, abrasive scent. Many times, I have trouble comparing fragrances to common scents to describe them, but this one was easy – imagine a glass tropical punch, orange juice, and pepper… LOTS of pepper. As unappetizing as that comparison may seem, it is definitely much more desirable than the original impression that Moschino Funny! gives you. Either way, I plan to never wear this again.

Moschino Funny! advertisement

Misleading ad?

Lastly, I cannot leave this review without mentioning how deceitful the bottle/packaging/ad campaign for this scent was. The box for this has red hearts “floating” on the front of it, and the bottle is very preppy-cute; it reminds me of a fabulously dressed rich girl who knows that less is more. The marketing included a young, beautiful model glaring at the camera flirtatiously. Keep in mind that she’s topless (!), with a great case of bed head. She’s holding a handkerchief with a lipstick “kiss” mark on it, but looking closely, you see that the lipstick mark is in the shape of a heart. Again – I should have paid better attention to the notes (bitter orange and pink pepper are VERY abundant once applied to the skin), but I couldn’t help but imagine this to be a fabulously feminine fragrance with a fun, carefree, flirty way about it. It definitely was not any of those things.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): F-

First sniff (skin): D-

Worn scent: D

Staying power: A

Scent as compared to note(s): C-

Bottle: A

Overall: F-

If you’re a fan of masculine smelling perfumes, or very peppery scents, this may be the perfect choice for you. Unfortunately, my tastes tend to be towards more feminine, fruity scents. This was not a good match for me.


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I’m sure you’d feel the same way if you were me, but even after hearing your phone review last night, and then reading this review here, I STILL have to smell it. I am in shock and denial that something that looks so cute could smell so very very bad.

Comment by Jackie

I have never heard such a load of old tosh ever!! This perfume is very fruity.The 1st person to smell it after I had bought it said it reminded them of satsumas. Since I have been wearing it I have had loads of compliments and ladies asking me what it is so they can buy it. I never ever wear heavy perfumes and this is perfect, light and fruity.

Comment by hayley

i loved the scent Moschino Funny has. The packaging is great and so is the lovely scent!

Comment by Lilly

I find this review pretty misleading. I have only discovered this fragrance a couple of weeks ago and ended up buying it a couple of days ago. You are correct on the staying power and strength – a little goes a long way. It is absolutely intoxicating and I don’t find it masculine at all.
I’ve also gotten great responses from both men and women, and it’s now one of my favourites. As a reference, I also love Moschino’s Cheap & Chic (which is much stronger), and Burberry’s London. Funny is more in line with recent Moschino fragrances, but much more interesting.

Comment by Emma

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