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Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lil’ Starlet
Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lil Starlet

Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lil' Starlet

NOTES (as listed on marine accord, pink grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, Madonna lily, pear, peony, sandalwood, amber, musk

A limited edition fragrance, although not that old, Dolly Girl Lil’ Starlet was pretty hard to get a hold of, considering I wanted to sample it prior to splurging on a heftily-priced “regular” sized bottle. I’m definitely glad I sampled it first – while after reading about it I was definitely in love at first site, my opinion changed a slight bit after experiencing it on my skin.

CLASSIFICATION: fresh, floral, slightly feminine, slightly citrus

AGE GROUP: college, mature


FORM: eau de toilette

Dolly Girl Lil’ Starlet, so far, is unlike any fragrance I’ve ever smelled. When first sprayed, I instantly was pleasantly surprised (after holding my breath on other scents in the Dolly Girl fragrance house, I have been let down in the past). The top notes must really be some of my favorites, but if only that part of the scent could last. It begins as a summery, ever-so-slightly tropical (mind you, EVER-SO-SLIGHTLY), beach-y type fragrance. There are indeed hints of citrus fruit scents, but they’re not so abundant that the scent is automatically deemed fruity. The first few minutes of Lil’ Starlet are strong and breezy, if ever such a combination exists. So far, so good. Once the scent settles (and, I’m assuming, the top notes begin to disappear), things do tend to get a little dull. While I still enjoyed the fragrance at this point, it wasn’t as much of a favorite of mine as I originally thought it would be. No complaints yet, though.. still – pleasing. As a random side note, I am a huge fan of pink grapefruit scent; in regards to the pink grapefruit note in this fragrance – don’t expect much as it is barely, if at all, noticeable.

After a little more time goes by, however, the scent that remains is but a shell of the awesome potential that I smelled in the first spray. While still not unappealing, it is definitely a slight let down as compared to my first thoughts. Don’t get me wrong – this is by no means a spicy fragrance.. but things start to get slightly reminiscent of spice, as they also fade greatly. The end scent, at least on my skin, is a bit less feminine, and is nowhere near as fun and breezy as it started out to be. To Lil’ Starlet’s credit, however, I am definitely going to wear it a few more times before I determine if it’s something I’d like to wear every now and then – I’m not 100% turned off at this point.


(We highly recommend reading our guide to understanding our grading system if you haven’t already)

First sniff (bottle): C

First sniff (skin): A-

Worn scent: B-

Staying power:A

Scent as compared to note(s): C+

Bottle: A

Overall: B-

The marine accord is fairly abundant in the first part of this fragrance, although it does fade. If you’re looking for a summery beach scent, this is worth the try – if you can find it at a good price and in a sample-type size.


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